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Cody Marshall - Think Cody

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 Skiing at Jackson's post made me think of Cody. I don't think we've seen a thread about him here on EpicSki, so here it is. He was badly hurt and needs all the help he can get.
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 It took a bit for me to connect the stories.  For those who are unaware of what's happened to Cody to turn his life upside down, 
Here is a blurb


July 16, 2009:
According to the U.S. Ski Team, alpine racer Cody Marshall was involved in a accident early Thursday morning in which the 26-year-old, Vermont native sustained a serious head injury. The accident occurred in downtown Park City, Utah. He was taken to the University Hospital in Salt Lake City, where he remains in critical condition. 

Full story here
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Daily updates are posted here:
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Just to fill in the gaps, Marshall was with Ligety, Kelley (and they screw around alot) and the rest of the crew at a strip mall, when Marshall decided* to slide down the railing of a closed escalator. He was no more than 1/4th the way down when he lost his balance and fell backwards onto concrete below. Now, not to sound like an ass or anything, but him being with his teammates makes me think that either a) He was dared to do it, or b) The whole incident is on video somewhere.

If any of you have Ligety, Kelley, or Marshall on fb, you would see some of the stuff that they do in the summer. And alot of it isn't the smartest stuff either, even though it is entertaining.

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There's also very probable option c. There was "a bit" of alcohol in play.... been there, done that, just that luckily it never ended any worse then with few bruises for me.
But nevertheless I still feel sorry for him, and wish him fast and full recovery.
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 I recall sitting around a fireplace one evening after skiing.  This was a group of adults(using the term adult loosely), when one of the men looked up at the fireplace and said, I bet I could climb that!
Another one(could have been me) said.....I double dog dare ya!

Just sayin'........
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Was there a Barnes involved in that fireplace escapade?
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 Mike, I will not admit nor deny that it was a Barnes.
post #9 of 11 I know nothing.

Regardless of the circumstances, it's a tragic accident, and I wish Cody all the best for a speedy and full recovery. Reading the blog at, it's clear how much he is loved and admired by his friends and family. And that family, of course, includes one of our own EpicSki Academy coaches--Cody's mother, Barbara Marshall.

I have not met Cody, but if he shares even a little of the passion for skiing and living that his mother exudes every day, I'll bet he pulls through this.

Here's to you, Cody!

Best regards,
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 Bump, looks like he's making progress.....
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Sliding down a railing on a closed escalator doesn't sound all that dangerous, comparatively speaking.  Sounds like a freak accident. 
Number 1 rule for falling: protect your head. 
Hope he gets better.
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