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Finally uploaded some pics from my iPhone.  My buddy has lots more pics but heres a few.  Conditions were a bit less than Epic I'm afraid.  Did I mention they have NO snow making ?  At least you can ski but you better be good at ice skiing.

Also wear a helmet & pads as there were lots of rocks, shrubs, and dirts poking through

Heres a shot of the North slope, there are some great runs up there and a wicked narrow trail on the edge that will really get your attention

Heres the South side, my favorite, almost nobody here, no lift lines, nice long run, very fast but lots of ice  I doubt you'll ever see a lift line like this at Aspen or Tahoe.  Not built for fat Americans
  Sadly this is the bottom of the mountain.  I said there was no snow making.  Well they had all 4 blowers on the bunny slope