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Thoughts on Thanksgiving week

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Had to start another thread to ask everyone their thoughts on the best way to plan for a Thanksgiving week trip.  Is it a waste of time/$$ to book something without knowing
how the conditions will be...or if there will be any snow at all! 
We have a true beginner going....never skiied before and we'd really like to make this fun for her if possible.  What state/area has the best chance for early snow historically?
Pray for snow!
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That's a rough proposition as you never know who will be open. I'd wait until you can get the best possible news (a week or two before thanksgiving). It's really tough, but if you can deal with the lack of a plan, it's probably the best you're going to do.
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For being open A-Basin and Loveland Colorado are the 2 most certain to at least be open.  They always have the great race.  That does not mean it will be good conditions.  Aleph Null has good advice for you, wait and see where the snow is.  The weather gurus are saying it will be in the mid Atlantic states, but gurus sometimes lie. 

Have fun!
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 Where do you live? I wouldn't want to plan a big trip to ski on Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving ski trip should be primarily focused on eating turkey and watching A Christmas Story. Any skiing that might happen is a bonus.
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As stranger stated you can count on A-Basin and Loveland Colo being open.Beaver Creek-Vail-Breckenridge-Copper-Keystone will also most likely be open with WRODs. However Thanksgiving Weekend is very crowded with very very little terrain open yet. If you HAVE TO SKI that weekend come on out. However a week later in the season will most likely be much more fun, smaller crowds and a lot more  terrain available.
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Yes, that's what I was thinking also...may be a large waste of time and $$ that early in the season.  We'll be watching in Oct-Nov, but prolly be wise to wait until Xmas break is done (mid Jan.)
We live in the DFW area and really just planning this because of relatives being up that way--she's the newbie.  My wife and I go every year usually to NM or CO.  Her husband has also skiied numerous times, so getting her interested will give us a new winter tradition we can all
enjoy together.
Thanks for all the replies. 
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