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Ski Passes went on Sale here in JH

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I went out to the shop on Saturday and worked the crowd buying passes I had a great tim eseeing friends and old friends that I only see so often.

Sharpen your edges this is the official count as of this second:

117 Days
2808 Hours
168497 Minutes
10109842 Seconds
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I am going to Jackson this Feb.

But i hope this:
Originally Posted by Skiing-in-Jackson View Post
Sharpen your edges

Won't be necessary.

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This will not be necessary, it was purely a figurative term.

We're gonna get snow, I promise.
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 See you in January. 
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 I was doing a habitat for humanity day with a bunch of ski instructors who don't need passes that day.  We heard about the line.
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I had a similarly interesting Saturday which turned into a weekend.  I headed up to watch Crankworx Colorado at WP.

I looked at all the mountain bikes on vehicles on the drive up I-70.  I turned off I-70 at Empire but I was still sleepy from the lack of coffee.  I noticed a Suburban coming up behind me with a very strange mountain bike in the upper rack above the roof.  I then realized what it was and thought I was hallucinating.  It was a ski bike.   I then recognized the model of ski bike and knew who was behind the wheel of that SUV.  I rolled down the window and waved.  After a few miles, he realized who it was and we then had a very speedy drive to the WP parking lot.   We did slow down at a few points and admired the fresh snow on the mountain tops around the pass.

I was then corralled into being part of Security for one entrance gate for Crankworx.  The signs everywhere said "No alcohol, bottles, weapons".  No mention of colors or drugs.  I had to help search every backpack and bag coming through the gate.  There were some great attempts, and some not so great attempts of alcohol smuggling.  (Note:  if you are a guy don't try to sneak in beer in a girly purse, use a real man purse - I mighta bought into that.  A bulging girly purse carried by a macho guy doesn't compute.)   I saw many, many friends throughout the day and weekend-some I thought had left for the other hemisphere for the summer.  Crankworx slopestyle was amazing.

I went hiking on Sunday.  The traffic was so bad Sunday night, I stayed another night and helped fix a friends computer.  This morning we went for breakfast and did things that only happen in a ski town.  Unfortunately as things were getting really interesting, I had to head back home.  I can't wait for winter. 

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I hope you're having a great summer!  I look forward to skiing with the gang in January.
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 I just got a notification from JHMR that there is a special deal for college students to buy multi day passes.  I didn't see the price, but it sounds like a great idea.
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