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More 'Boat, Les Otten

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Just got the SAM Headlines. To continue ASC's "restructuring" Steamboat is on the block! So much for Liebensraum!
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Robin, Check out resorts and travel part of epicski forum..
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Oops! Sorry! You're right...remember, I'm the FNG!
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Robin, You're not as FN as me! Just thought I'd jump in and Say hello. Things are going well in Lead,SD. Iv'e been in touch with one of my instructors and he seems to think this change will be goodl. 'Course I'm the boss, so what's he gonna say? Been reading up on some of these threads for about a month now. Great Forum! Be in touch later.
Miche says hi and I gotta git. Latron!!!
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welcome Notorious Spag
good to have another voice.
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