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Trapped Like Rats

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This is not Robin....and it isn't Batman either, it's Rusty Guy on Robin's desktop trapped at Eldora with 250 other souls. We have snow, some estimates approaching seven feet. Cars in the parking lot look like a blue bump run.

At 1700 hours last night our "shelf road" was slammed with slides. It was very lucky that no motorists were injured. Kudos to the brave patrollers who ventured out for S&R. While on belay probing the debris field a subsequent large slide triggered nearby.

We may be here a while. No lifts operating due to the fact that we cannot evacuate injured skiers. No medical emergencies, however, tampons and saline are fetching a high price.

We have food and power. My daughter is here with fresh batteries for the gameboy. I can either go shovel or take a nap. Nitey nite for now.
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Hang in there all. (all of CO) Our thoughts a prayers are with you.
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I was wondering if you were one of the folks stuck there. The farthest from home I've been since Monday night is the top of my driveway. We must have 5 feet here by now, and nothing is moving. Someone got his plow truck stuck in our road, and the county's road grader got stuck and gave up on plowing.

Eldora should be good on Monday. See ya.

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How's it going, Rusty? You still there? I can't believe I made it back from Denver in that storm, and that you got trapped at Eldora!

It has just now stopped snowing up here in Silverthorne. This storm should be over before much longer, but there's a LOT of snow around that has to go somewhere before the roads get back to normal.

News reports say that Colorado has now had the snowiest March on record, mostly due to this one great storm. And there is more on the way after this one!

I hope everyone's spirits are holding up there at Eldora, and everywhere else people find themselves stranded. I consider myself very fortunate to have made it home before all the roads closed.

Stay warm!

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Rusty, good time to work on the cribbage game. Good luck.
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Bob- you actually got over the Divide yesterday from Denver??!! Wow-I barely got home from work (about 5 miles, all in town). Had to cross country ski to the hospital this morning for a case that was cancelled as soon as I got there, because the surgeon couldn't even get out of his driveway. We have about 2 feet on the ground in most places in Denver, with drifts to 4 feet (mostly, it seems, in my driveway). Hope to get up tomorrow or friday to ski if the roads open.
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Rusty here again

We're fine. Spoke to the real Robin and he is without power/heat/etc.

I doubt we'll get out tonight and would say it's 50/50 tomorrow. Alicia, Skip, and Jim Clark are here. My daughter and I have turned Robin's office into our own private condo.

I shoveled out the car this afternoon. It is a little wild. We are not a "destination" resort, however we have quite a few groups here. I feel sorry for the families that planned a ski vacation and are sitting upstairs.

Thanks for the messages. Hearing from my friends online makes life "bear" able
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Wow, you are truly snowed in! A couple of weeks ago some school districts canceled school for the next day- and it never snowed!

When do they think the mountain will open for skiing? (oh yeah- do you have enough food?)
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You know you can log off Robin and log in as yourself

Then we won't be confused and you won't have to introduce yourself every time!

Take care.


Hope the power comes back soon! I'm lucky enough to have a generator and a pellet stove here in SF. And we hardly ever have power failures.
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Originally posted by dchan:
Then we won't be confused and you won't have to introduce yourself every time!

And many of us are easily confused. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Hey Rusty,

You should see the big rigs stacked up here in Summit County waiting for I-70 to reopen. It was strange watching Denver TV, seeing all the CDOT shots of I-70 from here to Denver and not a vehicle anywhere.

What a change-last Friday, 70 degree weather in Denver, this Friday they will still be shoveling out. Welcome to Colorado!!

You know some folks are bored when they figured out that just the snow that fell on Breckenridge in this storm would fill; 4.5 Sears Towers, 5 Empire State Buildings or 11 billion Grande Starbucks. Whatever!! :

Hope you get home soon.
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OK so now it's the real me.

Night #2 is here. The story is that the military is flying in a chopper to bomb the area above our access road. Then the job will begin to dig us out.

Eldora just hosted a fantastic dinner for the stranded. It's getting to be a rather tight knit group!

I think for the rest of my days I'll cringe when I hear the word upslope.
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Hi Rusty,
are you still at Eldora?
My thoughts are with you and with all my colleaques.
O'boy, was I lucky yesterday to left Eldora right after W.P
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Eldora is mentioned in this article:

Colo/Wyo. snow

"An avalanche closed the road to the Eldora ski area northwest of Denver, stranding about 250 skiers and employees, who spent their second night Wednesday sleeping on floors.

Avalanche danger kept them from enjoying the new snow. "It was torture looking at the slopes all day, but they were worried about safety," 17-year-old switchboard operator Kim Varela said."
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We have been sprung. It was to say the least an experience. The staff held up well and the guests were wonderful. A warm shower and a bed as opposed to a floor will feel fairly good.

Thanks to all for the messages. It was nice to have contact with the outside world.

I'm due back here tomorrow to work. I'm about like a beaten dog in that I bet I'll shudder when I head up our access road!
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Sleep well tonight, Rusty. Your own bed should be a welcome sight! Just saw on the news that they brought some supplies in to you by helicopter, and evacuated a few who needed medical attention. That must have happened just before they got the roads open.

It's still snowing up here tonight. We're execting a few more inches. What a storm!

Best regards,
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Now it's gotta seem like fun. I hope Eldora threw a real feast for you guys. I hope the batteries in your daughter's gameboy lasted. I'm sorry you guys couldn't run the lifts, but as a safety issue, it was the right thing to do. And you should be set for snow through your close.
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I'm home and feel great after a shower. It was a strange couple of days. The Eldora ski patrol did a great job and should be commended. I was also impressed by the manner management dealt with the situation. I'm sure there are a variety of ticked off people, however, every effort was made to help our guests.

Being a former cop I also have to commend the Boulder County Sheriffs department. A deputy made his way up to the resort on a doo the first day, I presume via fire roads, and was on site through the whole ordeal. It was nice to have him around.

I was glad to see the Army chopper this morning. We were out of food at that point and didn't have a time frame on when we would get out. There were a few medical problems and I hope all are well.

I was proud of my little girl. I think there were a few times I saw her lower lip quiver but she was a real trooper. I was also proud of my ski school co-workers who were on hand. Skip, Alicia, Jim, Darren, Rachel and Lyn...... you folks are a wonderful group to be stranded with!

Tog's link says Rollinsville to our south reported 7'2" of snow. I talked to a patroller today who thought we got nearly eight feet at the top of Corona Bowl.

We wanted snow and now we've got it.

[ March 20, 2003, 09:44 PM: Message edited by: Rusty Guy ]
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The "real" Robin here....I was one of the lucky ones and the last to get out....slides in front of me, slides behind me...I just got up the road again after 17 hours of shoveling the driveway and 6 hours shoveling roofs off...the community center in Ned is toast....caved in...small list of people allowed up right now, assessing the condition of the road...County doesn't like it quite yet....can't wait to ski this place....after I clean up my office...just kidding Rusty!
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So- let me get this straight-.

Robin is Rusty, or is it Rusty is Robin, ? And Rusty just got his L3 and is already running the ski school?

Glad to hear everybody made it through just fine!
Reminds me of the days when I was a sup at Kirkwood. There's a place which gets snowed in on a regular basis.

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Jeezus, Rusty! Get yer a## back up here and fix my PC...I am feeling a little out of character!
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Rusty and All,

Glad you all got out safely. We, up here in the Yampa Valley, got about 8" at Steamboat and wind in Craig. That was all we got. The storm completely missed us. Springtime in the Rockies!
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After all the trauma skipped town Friday and drove to SLC to watch the Duke-Central Michigan game as well as Arizona-Gonzaga (instant ESPN classic) game. Managed to slip in three days of skiing with my little girl at Alta, Snowbird, and Brighton.

Brighton had to be a perfect place to have the camp. It really reminds me a great deal of Eldora. If you guys liked Brighton you would love Eldora.

I'll get in there early and straighten out the identity issue on the desktop. I did kind of take over the guys office. He has built in boot dryers and everything.

Now I know I'm fired!
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