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Training with a trampoline

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Since I live in Miami I dont ski near enough as I'd like to

I used to live at Tahoe and skii'd near 60 days a year   The Good old days

So now I've been training with a trampoline to help drop a few #s and get used to turning in the air while lowering the impact

Its pretty good but now I'm thinking about modifying my workout a little but I'm concerned that if I start hopping across the gym floor I could twist an ankle and it would be higher impact

Anybody else workout with a trampoline ?


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I practice mogul turns on a silly 36" Walmart trampoline.  It takes a little getting used to but once you work out how to simulate the body position & mogul turn motions without the boots & skis, it is reasonably close.

The main thing the small tramp can give you, which you can't get anywhere else off-season, is the bouncy upward pushing force that you get when your skis bend as they absorb the mogul.

The tramp is also great zero-impact cardio.  After a bunch of fast simulated turns I'm puffing & blowing.

Another place I practice ski technique is in the swimming pool.  Again you can get a decent simulation of the weightlessness of bump skiing.  The water keeps your upper body upright while allowing your legs to move & practice knee angulation, absorption/extension, etc.

I tried hopping around the gym but the forces & movements end up being totally backwards for what I need to work on bump technique.  In the bumps the forces are inverted from everyday dryland life which is what makes skiing 'em so much fun.  Not to mention the impact & ankle & knee injuries you can get in the gym like you say.

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