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A Wedding TR

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We got married June 13th at Galena Creek Park outside of Reno.  

The longest continuous streak of rain started the last week of May and continued through wedding weekend.

We set up outside and got chased inside by thunderstorms.

Here's some photos.


All wedding photos by our friends at I Deux Photography unless noted (there might be one of mine I threw in).

There's also a few vague honeymoon photos by us.

The Bride

The guys

Deciding the rain wouldn't be an issue and we should set up outside (this shot'd be me)

The intentional spot

The flower girl

The ringbearers

The father of the bride

The Plan B ceremony

Freshly hitched

Might as well use the outside for something since the rain stopped

The reception

The cake

The first dance



and dancing

Short little mini-moon to Seattle

for mostly consumption

Thanks for readin'


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 Wow, Beatiful!
Its not a surprise that you adjusted to the weather, and your atmosphere is simple, elegant and cozy.
Love how the dogs were a part of the ceremony!

 Thanks for Sharin!
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Tis the season.  I got married 29 Junes ago, big believer in marriage.  Congrats.  You just won the game of life getting that beautiful girl to walk down the aisle with you!  Do whatever it takes to keep her.
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Congratulations, best wishes, and live happily ever after!
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Just beautiful!  Congratulations and many happy years to come.
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I got married 10 years ago this Wednesday on a very hot day in a very hot church.  It rained right as we finished the vows and felt GREAT outside as we exited the church for the obligatory photos out front before getting casual for the reception across town.
The ring bearer photo is a classic.
You folks make a great picture too.  Keep the stellar TRs coming and congrats on the new tax status
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Congratulations, splitter.   Thanks for sharing with us.

I love wedding ceremonies that include the dogs.
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thanks everyone

it was fun and memorable to be chased inside by the storms

we had been up at the site all day assessing the weather and pretty much the last minute decided to go inside.

The ultimate decision make was the cellist that didn't want to have his $25000 cello outside in the potential rain.


Turned out to be a good call.  During the ceremony it was raining cats and dogs.

As soon as it was all over the rain stopped and let us fire some photographs off

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