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Idea for Boot storage

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I recall a thread that talked about trying to keep critters out of the boots while in off-season storage. Just curious if others have thought of this.

One day a couple of months ago I came home and found empty 24oz soda bottles stuffed upside down in all the boots that were hung up in the garage. I later on found out that it was all my wife's doing. Now that the idea seems to work, I took out most of the other boots out of the boxes and did exactly the same thing to them.

This should work well until the season starts up again. Of course, if you were to attempt this, don't forget to tighten the caps first.
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Err.. critters?
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post

Err.. critters?

Yeah, mice!
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Another cure for the same problem.

You got mouse problems, try this saved me big bucks in apartment buildings.  Get some moth CAKES, moth balls won't do it, unwrap them and and set them out in the area you have problems.  The little critters will be gone!  You may not care for the odder but this really works.  I put them in crawl spaces where the little buggers came in absolutely took care of the problem.  You should be able to find them at K Mart Wal Mart type places.

Can not take credit for this, came out of a "Farm Wife" magazine way back when, the wife found it.
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Storing boots in the garage???  I'd be afraid the mega hot dry air out here would break down the plastics, foam, etc. stuff quicker than keeping them someplace climate controlled.  It's always been right after storing a pair of boots in the garage or a back yard shed over the summer that they have cracked.
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 Under your bed----if you would sleep there(meaning the room is climate controled)----they will survive there the best!!
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I'm with Mike!  Under the bed!  A couple of seasons ago, my my husband and I were skiing and he had been storing his boots in the attic.  As he came to the bottom of the run, he suddenly was in his socks and on his ars.  The boots were shattered in 1,000 pieces.  I wish I had had a video tape of the whole thing because I could have made some money on it.    He no longer laughs at me for keeping my boots under the bed.
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I keep my boots all flashy and $wAg in maH LOUIS bag.

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Classy!  :D
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Keep mine on top the beer fridge with the ski rack next to it. 

Nordicas like Alaskan Amber, and good friends should stay close.

Rocky the one eyed wonder cat would not like boots under the bed.
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All of my ski stuff stays in the house. Before storage. I make sure my boots are completely dry. I then put them back in their boot bags and pack them away for the season.
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