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five bucks/slice of pizza?

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Would you pay $5 for a slice of pizza?  This is a fun read about a famous old pizza maker in Brooklyn, NY.  The reader comments are entertaining too.  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/31/nyregion/31pizza.html?hp
To answer my own question - I guess I would, but just once.

Best pizza I've had in recent decades is at a little place called George's in Fredericksburg, VA mainly because of the extremely generous toppings and a nice medium thick crust.  They have good fresh cut fries too.  George and his wife retired a few years back.  The new owner was a former employee and stayed authentic to George's Greek style recipe, but there's just a little something missing now.
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 I am a thin crust fan myself. When I was in Chicago I never even considered getting Chicago's cake with sauce. 
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I'm surprised you can still get anything in the five boroughs for five bucks.  IIRC back in the late 80s a slice of cheese was about $2.50 on Long Island.

Pay five bucks and be happy you got something. 

Funny Brooklyn dining story here.  I spent New Years Eve 1988 with friends in the city.  On New Years Day 1989 being hungover of course we woke up around 11 ish and went to the Bedford Diner for some relief.  It was PACKED.  I ordered a grilled cheese and fries. After what seemed like an hour of suffering waiting for food it arrived and we tore in to it.  It was fantastic, except that I noticed half way through that my dill pickle wedge already had a bite out of it.  When I pointed it out the waiter snatched it off the plate and brought me another pickle.  I was feeling too pooly to really care that I had probably just eaten off the same dirty plate the diner before me had
And, I'm pretty sure it cost more than five bucks.

FWIW, love thin, greasy,NY pizza, the kind you have to strain with a napkin. But, I also LOVE Chicago deep.  I wish we had a Godfathers in Durham.  Are they still around anywhere?
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meh, yeah, I might try it once just to try it out for myself. But I gotta say, I love me some Koronet's! 112th and Broadway, slices as large as your head (or larger!) for less than $3, last time I was there. One of the best late-night chow-downs out there.
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How many of you can actually tell buffalo mozzy from moo mozzy after the pie is baked?  

I will admit that the Parmigiano cannot be sourced here...but Israeli basil? 

Yes, I know tomatoes taste different in Italy but that too can be grown here.
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 Depends  on the size. Alberto's in DC slice is $3.75 but it's a quarter of a pie and among the cheapest lunches available downtown. Oops, just called to confirm the price and plain cheese is now $4.25 and other varieties $5.50!
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