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Whistler is on FIRE!

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 Holy Crap!
I understand that they haven't had much precip this season, which can't bode well for this situation.
Ironically, a lightening storm seems to have sparked the fire.

The fire that erupted on Blackcomb Mountain near Whistler has grown to 75 hectares in size.

Tourists and staff at Blackcomb Mountain’s Crystal Lodge were evacuated at 3 p.m. today. Hikers on the trails in the surrounding areas were also evacuated from the area.

The fire was sparked by lightning yesterday night at Crystal Ridge near Crystal Hut and the Crystal chairlift, said Ellie Dupont, coastal fire information officer.

“As it got warmer and warmer today, it came to life. A little bit of wind and off it went,” she said.

iPhone photo of the day : fire on Blackcomb mountain on Twitpic


The fire, initially 4 hectares in size, is spreading quickly, Dupont said.

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Wrong! It's Blackcomb that's on fire.

Now that I've straightened that out, does anyone have any nits that need picking?
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Shit happens!

More open powder fields.

Maybe they'll rename another run "The Burn"
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Originally Posted by Lars View Post

Shit happens!

More open powder fields.

Maybe they'll rename another run "The Burn"


The options are endless.
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How close to the ski lifts?  If any section of the ski lift cable gets hot enough, I would imagine the entire cable would have to be replaced. 

This could impact the 2010 Olympics. 

Experience firemen say, " See fire.  Need water on fire.  "   

Hopefully mother nature will help out.  We got more than enough water here in the Northeast.  We got over 2inches just last night.  It frigin rains every darn day here in the Northeast almost. Please take some of our water. 
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 You can see lifts in this pic
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N. Koreans?
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More information and lots of photos over here on .

Its very heavy rain yet again at my house right now.   I think I might need to buy a really big boat if this keeps up. If I could only send all this rain to Blackcomb.  
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I'd like a run named


Holy Smoke


Lightening Strike


High Voltage



ok, I'm done now...
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Skiing burn areas is a very good thing. Burning lifts is bad.   Plenty of trees to ski in so nice for variety. 

If it were to alter a run for the Olympics okay, W/B have a couple to spare.  Might actually make televising easier. 

You are very right about the dry part out here.  Don't think there has been an inch of rain since May.  Send ice!
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I believe they will rename one lift "The Melted Express"
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If I remember rightly there are no Olympic events on Blackcomb. The lift in that area is the Crystal chair which is a fixed grip triple so it can't be the "Melted Express,"  just the "Melted Chair."  However, if it gets over the ridge and down to the valley below it could get to the Glacier Express.  Then you would have the "Melted Glacier."
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How is this affecting the summer camps on Blackcomb glacier?
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I believe summer skiing at W/B is done anyway for the year.

Besides, it's only one side; Blackcomb. You can still get up to the top...and then there's the peak-to-peak.
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My GF is actually riding the Peak 2 Peak tomorrow - she wanted to know if there's any chance of it closing... The website doesn't say anything.

Anyone heard?

Never mind - (I found the updates page)




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This headline reminds of a random story that KINDA relates. I work in TV and a colleague was producing the news at a small market station in Illinois back in the Bulls/Michael Jordan heyday. Anyway, the young anchorwoman was passed a breaking news update during the newscast on the NBA playoffs game in progress. Live on the air, she read the note: "Michael Jordan is on fire... WHAT, MICHAEL JORDAN IS ON FIRE. OH MY GOD!"... only after about 10 seconds did see realize that it was just colorful sports lingo for his good first half.

I just heard the story second-hand, but I'd love to know if that tape exists somewhere. Classic.
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 The Fire was out but there has been a flare up in Ruby Bowl.
This is going to be a bad wildfire season for Blackholm.
They need rain. 
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