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NW Tech Team Tryouts

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1st day is over. Cut was made. 10 from 13 continue. I'm still in it. 3 days to go.

w00t! w00t!
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Good on ya, Roto!

How many will make it?
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Well there are up to 5 spots, which includes 3 current members who are on their re-tryout schedule. However, at the last tryout they didn't fill all the open spots as they didn't find enough candidates above 'the bar.'

Yesterday afternoon was hot & slushy. Today it is 14 deg. at midmountain! The morning turns are going to be... interesting.
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Roto, what mt. are the tryouts being held at? Are you skiing with Nelson?

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We are @ bachelor. Yes I am skiing with Nelson. The tryouts are over

7 Members selected to fill out the team (which was short by a couple over the last few years.

Nelson is one of them.
If you know Nelson, you may know Jim B & Jim S.

Jim B. is one as well

And so am I.

All three current members on re-tryout retained their positions.

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Congratulations, Roto. It sounds like you are pretty excited about the victory.

Would you mind answering a few questions?

What do your new duties entail? (What does the Tech Team do for members in the NW?)

What are the areas evaluated by the tryout and how do they relate in terms of percentages of time and scoring weight?

How many years post Level III certification are you?

When did you decide on the NW Tech Team as a goal?
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Originally posted by Roto:

We are @ bachelor. Yes I am skiing with Nelson. The tryouts are over

7 Members selected to fill out the team (which was short by a couple over the last few years.

Nelson is one of them.
If you know Nelson, you may know Jim B & Jim S.

Jim B. is one as well

And so am I.

All three current members on re-tryout retained their positions.
Is the Tech Team the Demo Team? Anyway, congrats! I'm on the Western Canadian Demo Team with the CSIA. I find out on the 15th if I'm going to Interski. Do you know if you're going?
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Roto, I am so happy for you. Now the work starts and it should be fun, congratulation.

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Wow, some exhalted company here! What is this tech team???? What does it do?

Is the US going to Interski (and where is it this time?)?

Congrats any way, it'd sure be something to be on the hill while you lot were trying out, i bet there was some pretty good skiing on display.
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Thanks everyone. Thanks Ott.

Professor. Wow CSIA Demo. Mucho Kudos. Impressive Team. The NW Tech Team is a regional version of the National Demo Team, but we are in no way affiliated with the Demo Team except through belonging to PSIA. I do hope to go to our next National Tryout 2 years from now. I have got a long way to go, but it is an attainable goal for me. I won't be going to Interski unless I go as a spectator. I do hope we are going. I was disappointed we thumbed our noses at the Snowsports world in Beitostolen, Norway by not attending the last one (our Nordic team did, by the way, force National's hand by signing up as guests of the Canadian National Team and ended up going in a sanctioned capacity).

ant. The Team is comprised of 12 members, 1 mentor, 1 head coach, 2 assitant coaches. Each team member serves a 4 year term once selected. The terms are staggered so there is a tryout every 2 years. The 12 members represent the best teachers/educators in the division. One of our responsibilities is to train the Divisional Clinic Leaders, Examiners & ski school Training Directors. Members fit into these roles in a somewhat self-determined fashion. But there is so much more.

There was some great skiing going on. It was an extremely competitive tryout. The selection committee deemed us the strongest skiing group to date. The team dates back to 1985 or so. One woman who was also selected hails from the US Development Team, She outskied us all, and her teaching met the standard as well.

Thanks again everyone!
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And thank you too nolobolono. Your site provides many great perspectives and excellent information.

I received my Full-Cert pin in 1988. I set the Tech Team as a goal before that time, as my cadet trainer (Dee) served on it and my subsequent trainers/TDs did as well. I tried out for the Team for the first time in 1992, then made it in 1994. At the end of my term in 1998 I elected not to try out, citing personal problems (divorce with child) which made it difficult to ascertain if I could truly uphold the commitment of serving our membership through the team.

Our duties are many. We have an extensive schedule of educational events staffed from the Team, multi-day ski improvement camps, race camps, teaching camps and clinic leader training. We train Divisional Staff and TDs. We work as the body for the brain (Education, Technical and Certification Committee(3 VPs))

Our first assignment is to create a bank of questions from the new Core Concepts & Technical manuals for written Cert tests. We start this week. Our NW traning program curriculum is in the works and many of the Team are directly involved. I am spearheading the development of Park & Pipe Curriculum/Clinics, though this may fall outside my Team responsibilites for a time until it develops some credibility.

On the Scoring I can't give you specifics of scoring weight, but we had 1 day of skiing tasks followed by a cut, then a personal interview.

A day of teaching followed by a cut and an indoor presentation.

A day of selected teachers and on-snow group presentation development and execution.

It is hard to estimate the time dedicated to tasks, since there is standing around while others perfom.

teaching segments were 45 minutes & 15 minutes on the first teaching day and 1 hour on the second teaching day.

The 45 was "improve the skiing of your peer group, real outcomes required."

the 15 was "Choose 3 tasks to develop an assigned Efficient Movement Pattern and work the group through these tasks." We got no advance notice on the movement pattern. It was assigned at the beginning of the segement --AND-- the assigned MP was our own MP weakness ("we teach best what we most need to learn", eh?)

The one hour was to teach to 2 assigned students from our peer group, real outcomes required.

The on snow presentations were set up as follows. "You have 1 hour. Next Week we have TD Training. Select a Skiing Task and work cooperatively with 3 other team members to develop a presentation." Required elements being: 25% input per member,
one or more movement patterns selected and commonly demonstrated, a focus selected and commonly demonstrated, a consistent image a result of the presentation.

Indoor presentatoins were 15 min. and impromptu. We all tossed 2 topics into a hat and then drew one 15 min. prior to our turn.

The on snow performance in skiing and teaching is still only a part of the selection decision. What the team needs as far as diversity and focus is considered. The overall professionalism and representation a member will bring to the team, (not limited to while in uniform) also figures in.

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Thanks for the information, Roto. I have greater respect for your effort, now knowing what it entailed.

It sounds like NW and Western divisions are developing written tests this summer--any chance you could collaborate on these tests and benefit from the higher group IQ (larger question pool from which to select the best questions)?

Thanks for the kind words about the HyperChange Cafe. I now have technical assistance and plan to re-engineer it from a web site to an e-learning portal.


"If there is no community for you, make it yourself." (Robert Greenleaf)
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Congrats Roto. I know Bison and I assume the other Jim is J Stevens. Who was the woman you mentioned?
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Kate Morel. Linda Cowan is on as well, she is from the Stevens Pass area.
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nolo. Do you have any email addys for any of the people developing the Western Div. Test? If so, send me a Personal Message and I will look into working together.
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Really interesting stuff.
And Nolo runs hyperchange cafe? wow, didn't know that. It's a really useful site and I hope it does get developed. These resources are invaluable.
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Thank you, ant.
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We had a discusssion about question criteria, and are continuing that discussion as we create them. Do you have any thoughts/criteria to keep the questions closed you might share? So far we are under "directly researchable through the new manuals." and MC with one answer only.

I am interested in some closed vs. open-ended 'theory.'
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Was away for a week and am just catching up on some old threads.

Roto, congratulations! What an achievement. It sounds like a grueling event. It's pretty hard to work for such a goal and risk failure.

It'd be an honor to ski with you some time.

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Sorry, Roto, I didn't check the thread. Let me check for understanding: you want to know the relative merits between closed and open questions? Or do you want to know the types of closed questions?

Closed questions are easier to quantify, machine score, etc. Open questions will give you more information and theoretically a better evaluation but that quality depends on the person doing the evaluation.

Closed questions are: T/F; Multiple Choice, one answer; MC, more than one answer; Matching; Fill in the blank.
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