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Please help a new forum member pick a 90-100mm ski!

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After reading the forum I decided to join and ask the collective their advice. 

First a quick background:  I am 5' 7" and 150lbs.  I live in CO and ski Summit County or Aspen  between 30-50 days per year.  I am 28 and without sounding conceited very fit from a college and post collegiate athletic career.  I would label myself a 7-8 out of 10 in terms of skiing ability; I can ski everything at any of the mountains I have mentioned comfortably, but I do not go Mach 3 like my wife (former J2 racer).  I currently own two pairs of skis; Dynastar Intuitiv 74 and Dynastar Legend 8800, both in 168 length.  I bought these skis throughout my first two years in CO '03-'05.  I really like both pair, but I find that I ride the 8800's almost every day now.  If it is super hard boiler-plate I will take the intuitiv's, but for everything else the 8800's.  I really love the flex of the 8800's. 

I have now determined that I need (want) a new pair of skis that are just a bit fatter than the 8800's (116-88-109) for the powder days I am fortunate enough to get.  As many of you undoubtedly know the problem is that the powder is tracked up by noon on the hills I ski, so I need a powder ski that still is ok on the groomers and bumps (especially at Highlands w/ all the bumps).  After spending the last week researching skiis I believe I have come up with some viable options, but I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts.  I am looking between 170-176cm in length and I really, really, really want to get something that has a very similar flex (stiffness? not sure the proper term) to the Legend 8800's but with a bit more width underfoot.

Here is what I have come up with so far; please feel free to offer your advice and any other skis I have missed.

Volkl Mantra
Volkl Gotama (I know this is close to the Mantra, but I want to hear your thoughts between the two)
Nordica Enforcer
Scott P4
Watea 94 or Watea 101

Thanks for reading such a long post, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

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 Hi, Welcome to EpicSki!
It sort of surprises me that you didn't get a reply right away, but it is summer and folks are doing, well.....summer stuff.

The problem with the list of skis you have is that they're nothing like each other and you'll get something different from each one.

If you have a chance to demo, you really should.
The Mantra and Gotama are not close in what they offer, and the 2010 Gotama is completely different than the 2009.
I have a friend who has the Watea 94 and loves it.  The last two trips he took to Colorado with us he took the 94 as his one ski quiver and it never let him down.......but then he may like a ski with different properties than you do.

Hope this helps ...
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 I would consider the Dynastar Pro Rider in a 176cm. This ski has a 128-100-118mm sidecut and can carve the firm snow like a race ski while giving you all the float needed on an epic powder day. 

If you want something a little more powder friendly, the Fischer Watea 101 in the new 182cm is great. This ski has a turned up tail, so it feels smaller than the size would indicate. The ski is lively and fun in all conditions.


Just to help with general research, Scott is your size and provides many of the best reviews on Epic. See: http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/66402/2009-ski-reviews-87mm-and-wider

Also see: http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/82309/quick-hit-review-2010-fisher-watea-101-new-length-182

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Loveland usually has demo days at the beginning of the season. I have not seen the date announced yet.  It is a great way to take some runs on many different skis. You get a lift ticket and lunch for $45.00 or something like that. Well worth it. It is usually sponsored by Christie's Sports.

Most people make suggestions with their bias and their likes or dislikes in mind.   Demo some skis and decide for yourself.
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