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Sizing in Lange Banshee Pro vs Lange Banshee 110

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I'm looking to finally replace my Lange Banshee 110s. I've really enjoyed these boots over the years and am looking at the Lange Banshee Pro. My feet are a bit on the narrow side and Lange seem to fit me well historically. I also like the vibram sole for hike to terrain.

In the 110s, I had an 11.5 but have heard the Pros may run a little bigger and I should consider a size 11.0. I do like a real firm fit too.

Can any one help me with my sizing question? Thanks!

Worse case, I will likely have to wait til the 2010 Pro come out locally here in Colorado ski shops so I can try on both the 11 and 11.5 but I've found a good deal on the 2009 over the internet which I might take a chance on if I had a better feel for sizing.
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Both "sizes" of boots are the same shell, so any liner (11.5 or 11, or zip fit, or intuition, or anything else) will all pack out to the same fit after a few days of use,  so the good news is that it doesn't matter.

11 boots = 13+ shoe size too.
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Cool! Ok and thanks! I plan to take them to my local bootfitter and have a customer liner anyway so sounds like the 11.0 will be just fine....
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Hi Reterwilliger,

Forget about marked sizes on boots,  Pull the liner out of the boots you now have, put your foot in the shell, with your toes just touching the front----- how much room is open behind the heel of your foot at it's longest point? (flash light needed here).  Maximum should be no more than 15mm (5/8 inch).  A boot this size should feel very tight initially, but will break in(get bigger inside) with just a little use.  If you had more than 15mm in your old boots, you should fit in a smaller marked size shell.  

Good luck,
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good suggestion and will do! Thanks!
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 I´m wondering is the 09/10 Banshee dimensions similar to WC 120/130 HP in that chart? http://www.datazap.net/sites/2374/wcsolelength.jpg (found somewhere here)
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Anecdotal comment:  I have the 2010 Banshee Pro (110 flex), 308 BSL and its supposed to be the 98mm last on your chart, but it seems to be requiring more blow out of the "6th toe" area than my old 120FRs, which were allegedly on the 95mm last at a 317 BSL.  Either the measurements were a bit off on my pair(s), or my feet got 3-4 mm wider in that area...
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the width measurement, just like flex, is a rough starting point...

depends on where the width is measured, liner thickness, etc.
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