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TR : NZ Heli Ski trip July 2009

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Last weekend I had an amazing day Heliskiing in Mt Aspiring National Park, near Wanaka, New Zealand. Its getting late but I thought you are probably more interetsed in the photos than read my waffle, so here is a link to an unlisted album in Picasa that you should all be able to see.

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 Wow!  Thanks for sharing.......
This one kinda says it all, eh!
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Beautiful place!  How many $'s for a day on the heli?  How much vert. per run?  How many runs?

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HMH is roughly $650 USD a day for seven runs. Rocking deal.

Hmmm...NZ Gathering...hmmmm...
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 Wow, talk about worthy of the price of admission!  
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I think the smile says it all.  Beautiful!  Thanks.
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I haven't stopped smiling yet :-)

I did the Max Vert 7 run day, which is minimum 7 runs, you can get more if get down quick enough and the body holds up. Our 7 runs seemed spaced out enough that we didn't have time for more, but I was more than happy with the 7.The 4 run day is only $150 NZD cheaper (about $100USD) than the 7 runs so the 7 run day is much better value. Last time I did 4 runs and it wasn't enough, although the powder wasn't as deep so didn't have to wrok very hard.
Our guide checked her watch which had altitude and she said we were being dropped at about 2000 metres and skiing down to 1500 or 1600m, so I think the average vertical was 400m (450yards?). As you can see from the photos, the snow line does not go to the valley floor. The snow line you see in the photos is typical for winter, there may be one or two days a year it would snow down to the valley floor - which may occur over the next few days. Because of avalanche risk we were only doing gentle slopes so even thought the vertical might not seem much, the runs felt long (by NZ standards)

Theres also a new cat-ski operation started up this year, that is $400 NZD ($260USD) per day. I have not spoken to anyone who has done it, but it looks good in the photos. Only been going a couple of weeks I think.
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Julie in NZ,

Thanks for the info.  Sometimes those lower angle slopes are great if the snow isn't too deep, cause you get more turns.
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Julie, thanks for the pics.  It sure looks like you were in the right place at the right time!  Reminds me a bit of a powder day we had at Valle Nevado last July, but you had much more terrain to choose from.  Your photos are gorgeous!

We took a 20 mile bike ride in 95 degree heat today, and I needed your photos just to cool off!  Thanks again for posting.  
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