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do salomon boots have the same base?

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Right now i have salomon course axe boots. They are a bit too stiff for ordinary skiing. So im intrested in getting the salomon evolution 2 9.0 - I was wondering if I got the same size, would I need to get my bindings adjusted?

And are adjusting ski bindings easy? I really dont want to have to pay 20 or so bucks everytime i decide to ski with a different boot. My bindings are suppose to have a built in boot gauge, whatever that means.
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Theoretically they should be the same, but I wouldn't rely on it.

If you can afford the new boots, then spend the extra to make sure your bindings are set right (although many shops I know would do this for free when you buy your new boots from them)

Alternatively, when you get your skis serviced next, take the boots along. As part of the service the shop should check your bindings as well.

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alright, thanks
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Evolution2 9 is a diferrent fit than course axe it has more volumn. If you want a softer boot with the same fit go to the solomon wave 6 or 7 -same lower shell as the course but softer flex. In theory if the boot sole length is the same (that is the number down by the heel -like 326mm)then it should fit into your bindings and work if you have had your bindings cked in the last 20 ski days. But as "the hat" said it is always prudent to take them into the shop and have the release cked -average cost is $10 to $15 , and that is a lot cheaper than $200 deductale if you have to go in for an injury.
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thats why im looking at the evolution 2 9.0, i need a boot with a little more volume. with the course axe its a little too tight around the top of the ankle and calf.


how does one learn how to adjust ski bindings and stuff? Do they ever have classes anywhere? Or do employees just get trained for it
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Each binding manufacture has clinics each year to certifie shop techs. If you want to get certidfied you might want to look into working part time as a rental rat at a shop , pay is not good but perks are.
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cool, thanks
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Have you had any boot fitting done? It might be a little early to cal it quits on your existing boots. In addition to having the fit adjusted, the flex can be softened some too.
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does sport challet do boot fitting?
Im not giving up on my old boots, as they are really good. But they are a bitch to get in and out of, and i want something easier
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I thought the question was "would youi have to get your bindings readjusted" with the new boot. Look down by the heel on one side or the other. You see a 3 digit number. Is this number the same on both boot styles? If so, you are good to go. if they are different by 1 or 2 mm you are probably ok. Any greater difference may be in question. I'd compare the numbers on the mounting chart to see if both numbers fall in the same range. if they do, you're ok.

True. You can get your old boots deflexed. I did that to mine and it made all the difference in the world.
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