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Roundtop and Sisters (Carson Pass) - Saturday July 25th, 2009

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Yet more summer turns were to be had.

This was perhaps the most ambitious of my jaunts thus far (for this summer, that is) with about a 3 mile give/take hike in and then 3 separate runs with mandatory boot-packing and scree hustling in-between, plus the hike out. We had a solid crew of 5 (including me).

Given that half of us were coming from the Bay Area and the other half from Nevada, we had a slight mix-up with meeting in the morning (there is spotty-at-best cell reception on the pass) as we were trying to combine car loads and save on the parking fees (we began the hike at a spot called Woods Lake). One member of the crew missed us and went ahead, scoring 2 runs before we met up with him at the saddle underneath Roundtop. From then on it was the 5 of us playing Children of the Corn. We had quite a cheering section, too, since the Roundtrop/Winnemucca Lake hiking loop is, what my buddy Stev calls, "The Disneyland of Carson Pass" (i.e. it's muy populario with la touristas). There was a large group of Japanese hikers at Roundtop Lake when we exited and we passed a number of Euros and inquisitive families on the way up and back. 2 fishermen stood at the edge of Roundtop Lake and watched us shred The Sisters run, hooting and hollering as we each came down, which was kind of corny, but also kind of cool.  Best quote of the day came from a little girl who stopped to let me by as I was hiking down. She inquired as to why I wasn't hiking out in my boots like the other guy in front of me. I had to explain to her that he had "special" boots made for walking but that mine weren't as special (our buddy Cort is so core (he says he's just doesn't like his boots bonking around on his back) hiked the 3 miles in his AT boots!)


Roundtop/Sisters July 25th Pt. 1

Roundtop/Sisters July 25th Pt. 2
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Nicely done!  Its really hard to motivate for the trek up past Winnemucca to Round Top, but well worth it once you are up there.  Looks like the Sisters shoulder is holding up pretty well this year.  The wildflowers are in full prime color right now. 

Mind if I copy the pics to here?  Its a simple copy and paste from your link.

Sisters, July 25, 2009 (one) Click here to go to Sisters, July 25, 2009 part two

Spence crosses a creek on the hike up (above) and Cort skis Sisters (below.)

Cort enters the Roundtop/Sisters Saddle above Roundtop Lake, Caples Lake and Lake Tahoe (above)
MJ follows (below)

Spence enters Sisters (above) and continues skiing down (below.)

isters, July 25, 2009 (two) Click here to go to Sisters, July 25, 2009 part one

Cort sprays smooth corn snow on Sisters above and below:

MJ drops a knee down Sisters (above) and Alex follows (below.)

Roundtop Lake can be seen in the background.
A ladybug hitches a ride on my Lhasa Pows (below.)

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Total dedication!

I can not bring myself to head up there for a ski this time of year when I'm too easily distracted by road biking, mountain biking, kayaking, or sitting on the couch eating pretzels and beer .   I am definitely not a summer-time 'patch' kind of skier.
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It def helps with the motivation in that I don't road bike, mountain bike or kayak and that since i'm (f)unemployed i spend most of my week sitting on the couch looking for jobs and watching DVDs (ixnay on the pretzels and beer as i do my best to keep the weight in check).

that said, Schralph Macchio joined me on the venture and while he boarded with the crew on Sat, on Sunday he opted to break out the road bike and ended up doing the Blue Lakes strip and then up Carson Pass to Red Lake where we rendezvoused after I spent the afternoon skiing patches around the Forestdale Divide.
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Dude, sick, I loved the pics so much I'm headed up there this next weekend. Summer corn here I come!
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