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I learned to ski  3 years ago in the East after turning 45. Since then we travel 3 times west and skied Copper, Taos and Aspen. Me and my wife never ski groomed slopes when given a choice. When in the West we ski trees, moguls or bowls, in that order. The trails we ski and love the most combine all of it, like Longhorn  in Taos or Canopy cruiser in Aspen. Now, despite our ambitious attitude we are not expert skiers by any means, may be aspiring advanced. I am trying to figure out what gear would be good for us to have for our trips West. Our current gear is OK for hardpack in the West and ice in the East. I am 6'5'', 195 and own Volkl AC3 184. Last year in Aspen we demoed Head Monster 78 and it was much better in the bumps but not supportive enough in the trees with stashes of powder. I have done some reading and got an impression that  double twin all mountain ski may be a good choice for some one who wants to ski trees and moguls with occasional days of powder. I like  Salomon Lord or Scott Punisher for myself and Roxy Shazam or Line celebrity for my wife. I wonder whether more experienced members of this forum can give me some input. thanx in advance.