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The Sauna gondola.....

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God bless the folks at Dopplemayer (sp!), this is a great idea....especially for downloading!


Umlaufbahn - Sauna

"Restrained lighting and the appropriate accessories give the cabin a harmonious finish"
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Did they use something like this at the Yellowstone club?
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 Skiers get nekid, to use the sauna to its potential, get out at the top and roll in the snow before putting their gear back on?
That is a great way to embrace the skiing experience, eh?
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I thought it was about (any) gonlola in spring time! :(

(no stove needed!)
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I saw this one in Yllas, Finland, last year. I think it's actually only (regularly running) sauna gondola on World. Even though we were discussing also this at lunch with marketing manager of Yllas, I still don't see point in this... except for good publicity and to keep their resort in news. But I guess that's all what matters anyway :)
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I saw photos of a hot tub gondola in Japan. It was about 15 years ago, so don't know if it's still in operation...
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