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Ski in the Dolomites

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Any of u guys has skied the Dolimites before?
I would like some advice as in what is the place with the best off piste ski there, and some comments on the quality and quantity of the snow.

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skied there in February in a not so good snow year, plenty of skiing and endless terrain. the good skiing is off piste, hire a guide, and you will not regret it. six of  us chipped in and it was well worth it, also ski the Sella Ronde what a blast!!
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Welcome Biba.

Plenty of europeans ski the Dolomites....
Scenery is breathtaking, especially at sunset.
February can be a crowdy period, with North Europeans having a mid winter school break. Eastern Europeans have started to appear in heavy numbers in the past 8-10 yrs too.
Places to be located at :
Selva di Valgardena

These 5 villages (well, Colfosco and Corvara are in fact one village) are placed around the Sella Massif, one of the classic activities is to tour it in a day, clockwise or counterclockwise, using the lifts.
Also, as said, hire a mountain guide for a pair of classic off piste descents, one above many, the Val Mesdì, a classic one. Not too difficult at all, just a little hike (45 minutes or less, it depends on physical form) from the tram station.

Lagazuoi as well is a very funny one, but if you do it, take the bus from Colfosco or Corvara, this way you'll avoid the crowd ad S.Cassiano / armentarola, if crowded it can become...tricky to board the bus there. You'll miss the skiing from La Villa to Armentarola via S. Cassiano, but you'll avoid discussions as well, and you'll be able to ski back anyway.

Snow quality,,,well it all depends, groomed runs are always perfect, they maniacally groom every little bit every evening.
Off piste it depends on the year...but for that, you'd need a crystal ball.
Hiring a guide might ensure that you are led to the best spots available on that particular period...

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Btw, I've moved the thread to the Eurozone, you might stand better chances for replies here.
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And a little intro on your part here would make us all happy :
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I find www.skiinfo.com to have good snow reports for Europe, and they cover a large number of resorts in many countries.
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Probably one of the most beautiful places to ski in Europe! The Dolomites dominated by the Sella and Marmolada are stunning.We have skied there every year for the last few years - older group (40+) of experienced guys from Scotland. Suggest you get yourself a copy of "Freeride in Dolomiti" by Francesco Tremolada - Ed. Versante sud, 2004. Please note that helmets are now compusory for all kids under 14 in Italy.
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Welcome to you, Allanwski, too!

Another tidbit of info, the place is ripe  with recent history, having been theater of WWI fighting between Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops
(there were some Allied troops on, mainly Birtish and American, on the Italian side and Germans on the Austrian one).
Lagazuoi peak was blown apart by an Italian and Austrian  mines in 1915-1916.
Marmolada is also a must to ski, and there too one can visit a WWI museum...The Lagazuoi one is best visited in summer, since it's "open air"...
If you happen to ski on "Col di Lana" (dubbed the "bloody hill") you'll be skiing on one of the worst contended places of the area
Skiing there, to Italians and Austrians (even if very few think about it, I try never forget to say at least a prayer)...is like going to visit WWI Belgian battlefields or Normandy beaches for others...
Out of the Dolomites, the Passo Tonale, to the east is also such a place. In all these area one can see tranches, tracks and shelters dug in the rocks with only shovels and pickaxes...I'll borrow from Simonides

"O viandante, annuncia agli Spartani che qui
noi morimmo obbedienti al loro comando"

"Go tell the Spartans, thou who passest by,
That here, obedient to their laws, we lie"
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Thanks guys, this realy is very helpful.
We r gonna be a big group of about 20 skiers, mostly expert skiers. Got worried over talks that snow is scanty and icy .... I feel better now!

One love,
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