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Academy Day 2

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Do a little dance, sing a little song......

No not deep powder, but more than this east coast girl is used to!
Weems is a magician! I have no idea how he's getting us to do the things we're doing, but we sure are doing them!
And I have this big smile stuck on my face!
And we get to watch RickH and Tog, who call themselves our border collies. Rick H is balletic on powder. Absolutely beautiful!
Tog has a more agressive appoach to it, that is very exciting to watch. He manages to balance an agressive style with extreme elegance. Impressive!

We have the boot fitter, Steve Bagley with us. I asked him if he thought I needed alignment. He took me out for a run, and told me that any problems were more related to my skiing style, than to my boot alignment.

High point of the day..Weems teaching part of our ski class....
on his snowboard!!!

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It’s great to hear that Weems is making your days in the West such a joy! I’m sure your skiing will never again be as it was at home. I wish I could be there to help with your excitement, but had to stay home and work. I’m sure I’ll hear more when he gets back, and also hear more on the forum. Please say hi to Weems for me and tell him the intire ski school hear has fallin apart since he's been gone. Keep on truckin’! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] ---------Wigs
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Sounds like you guys are having a blast.

I'm out of here in a few hours heading to Steamboat to do my semi annual update clinic. Two days of a bump workshop should be fun.The Advil is already in the bag!!!

As a great windup Lisamarie, how about some powder bumps? Hope you guys get some more freshies!!!
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