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Leavitt Lake off Sonora Pass - Sunday July 12th

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 Since July turns needed to be made I put in the call to the only other person I know who is crazy enough to go hiking and ski possible patches that wouldn't be any larger than the average suburban driveway: my buddy Stev (he and I hit up Lost Lakes--http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/84925/tr-lost-lakes-june-18th-- and "The Nipple"--http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/84926/tr-fondling-the-nipple-off-of-carson-pass-6-19-- back in June).

Since I'm between jobs and Stev is a teacher, we decided for a Sunday/Monday tandem in the Eastern Sierras. To score an extra day, I trekked up 1-50 on Saturday the 11th and "stumbled" upon the fabled (and well-known) area known as "The Patch" up behind Red Lake off Carson Pass (I "stumbled" upon it as I was actually looking for a different spot to ski and got a little off course, plus I'd actually never been to "The Patch" only heard it whispered in inner circles and amongst the hardcore). This is a spot where somebody has bothered to haul rails out on the top of their car and plant them in the snow creating a backwoods park. When I got there, around 2ish in the afternoon, there was a group of 5 folks, deck chairs and beer cooler spread out while the hit the rail and worked a small zipperline. I threw on my pack and actually hiked to a small (3 turns) patch above "The Patch" and then hit another strip to looker's left (about 10 turns) before hitting the main spot (about 8 turns). Then I meandered around the west side of Lake Tahoe to Chez Dookey Cabin Du Ski in Truckee for the night. 

On the morning of the 12th I headed into Reno to stock up on cheap petrol and then down to Wellington to connect with Stev. From there we loaded up my Taco Mama and drove the hour down to Sonora where we 4X'd on a dirt road into Leavitt Lake. At the lake we ran into 3 folks from Team Tie Dye, a local Tahoe area crew of folks who wear tie dye gear and have a designated BBQ spot in Squaw back by the Granite Chief chair. They gave us some beta on Leavitt and we loaded up and ventured out to hit 3 patches. 

The day was clear, but the winds were fast and furious, making some of our hiking, which was over loose scree and on steep inclines, a bit dicey. More than once I was caught screaming "F@#K! this sh!t!" and raising my fists into the air. If I wasn't doing that, then I was alternately pleading with Mom Nature to cut us some slack and kick the wind action down a few notches, at least while we were hiking in the NFZ's.

Gustiness aside, the day was sweet and yielded 3 fairly decent "runs" on 3 separate patches. 

7/12 P.t 1

7/12 Pt. 2
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I would HAPPILY ski that!
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Beautiful views!  Good job. Looks like a blast.
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