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Anyone know how to fix taped seams?

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I have an older Red Ledge waterproof, breathable, hardshell with taped seams. The jacket got muddy several times. I used various methods of cleaning and on the last attempt, succumbed to throwing it in the washer.

Low and behold, the tape started peeling off the seams. I read here somewhere that ironing with a thin piece of fabric would reseal the tape. It didn't work. I tried variuos temperatures and cloths. I even tried to use the iron directly, on a small area next to a zipper. (It melted)

Any other tricks? Should I try some tent seam sealer? Or should I just bag it and get something new?

Trying to be frugal here....  Daddy needs a full suspension 29er.
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Thanks Comprex and jonrpen!

Have either of you used these products? I was wondering if one was better than the rest.

I've used liquid tent seam sealer before (on tents). It seems (pun) to peel off easily. Not sure what brand I used.
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I tend to leave certain issues to the pros.
Pick one and go with it.
Let us know how it works out.

Hey!!   I used to pay some one to tune my skis!!!!!
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I have used the McNett Seam Cleaner and Seam Grip several times, including on some ~'01 vintage  Red Ledge climbing pants.    I've only used the Aquaseal (urethane) on heavy Cordura.    Bomber.

My idea here is to use the sealer -under- the existing tape, should help protect from peel-off.
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Heh, Comprex I have some of the pants also! :  )

OK I'll try some. I'll call them and see what they suggest. I'll let everyone know how it holds up.
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 Aquaseal will definitely work.  It can be very messy and I would recommend using the cotol accelerator with it.  Aquaseal without cotol is about useless IMO.  You could also do it with wetsuit glue if you had some lieing around.  If all else fails go with duct tape.  If you can't duck it chuck it.

I just finished a cool vacuum bagging project for my raft and did a water bladder repair and a dry bag repair with aquaseal while I was after it.  A few years ago someone in my group on the Middle Fork Salmon tagged the wall at the bottom of powerhouse rapid at 8.5'  and sheared the nose cone off a new NRS river cat.  We did an amazing repair job that night in the rain that featured a lot of aquseal.  It held for the rest of the trip (big pushy class IV) with no problem.
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