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2010 NASTAR National Location - officially announced

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Announced two hours ago on Twitter! icon_mrgreen.gif

WinterParkw00t! Major event awarded to #Winter Park! 2010 Nature Valley NASTAR National Championships March 25 – 28, 2010. www.winterparkresort.com
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Cool!  Can't wait.
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Any speculation as to which runs will be used for which races?
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I can speculate which runs will be used but not which races.  As things get closer I can find out from the Competition Center. 

Speculated runs that will probably be utilized from personal observation on the hill for past training of: US Ski Team members, competition center courses for junior racers, disabled skiers, etc.  They'll probably also want people at the base area to see the racing and use the finish area at the base.  I think this will probably be set up like the Wells Fargo Cup.

Upper and Lower Hughes
Larry Sale
The side of Cranmer maybe using parts of upper and lower Cranmer for different courses
The side of the lower part of Butch's Breezeway, maybe the middle part too.
The side of the bottom part of Village Way near the base area
Maybe the NASTAR course off of Cranmer but its a pretty tame course

I doubt they'll touch Ambush - It's takes them a lot of work to get that mogul competition course set up.

I think they will try to keep everything together for easy access.  I suspect every course will be accessed by either the Zephyr Express, Eskimo Express, or the Prospector Express lifts.  The Arrow or Gemini could be involved.  Lots of J5 racers used the Arrow and went left, the rest went up the Zephyr and came down Hughes.  The Ski Team people used Hughes.

Here's a video of the Wells Fargo racers.  It gives a better perspective of the pitch of the course.

Here are the Junior racers using the whole course

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Thanks for the detailed info!  

I don't know if the Winter Park organizers set the schedule or NASTAR HQ but I have a big request.  For the past four years (one of which I missed with broken ribs and pneumonia) I've had to be in two places at the same time for the Friday races.  Adult snowboarding and adult skiing were held concurrently.  On Saturdays I got a respite - boarding in the morning and skiing in the afternoon,  The explanation was that Steamboat needed to open their NASTAR course (which was used for the snowboard race) to the public in the afternoons.  If the snowboard race will be held elsewhere, there's no reason to schedule the conflicting times. 

In the past, I've skipped my second snowboard run, switched boots and gotten to the ski venue late for my run and without a course inspection.  Sure would be a treat to not have to do that!

I think this would encourage more dual participants.

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I think NASTAR sets the schedule, the resort would have a say in the course placement. 

One thing I noticed is that the Steamboat NASTAR course is staffed by employees.  It must be a big revenue producer for them.  The WP NASTAR course is run by Competition Center volunteers.  It's usually only open from 11-2 so if they use it for racing, it'll probably be for the whole day.   It's a really nice setup they have so they may use it for the really small kids and snowboarders.  I'm only speculating.  WP will want to showcase this racing event to the public and the racer families so I really suspect they will use the finish facilities at the base area too.  The Eskimo Express may be your friend Pat.  Again, I'm only speculating.
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Thanks for all the info.  I booked a room at the Gasthaus Eichler.  They only have five rooms left for the event.  I'm guessing this will be a well attended competition.  Can't wait!
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I've started thinking about coming next year. With my daughter living outside of Denver, the logistics make sense.Now all I've got to do is qualify.............
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Oh, this is tempting.  In past years, when I have qualified, the timing (and EXPENSE) to make another trip to Colorado has made it impossible to attend the Nationals.  This year we will be at Copper starting on the 27th.  It might actually be doable to get out there a couple of days earlier.....
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