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telerod15, while I get that bamboo is light and fairly strong, I'm also guessing that it is not what they used in Norway. So since I want to present telebetty with an accurate reproduction lurk, I'm trying to find out more! So if 8 ' is good, what about wood choice, dia. and rounded vs. square cut ends, etc....

This was a pretty cool thread before the hijack. If I had answered your PM in a timely fashion much of this could have been avoided. Sorry skibum.

Did I mention the duct tape? That's as far as I got in the design of a lurk. I'm not sure I ever used a real lurk, just a single 72" Bamboo ski pole, kinda like the hybrid bikes I favor. Your asking the wrong guy, try telemarktips.com. Find out, make it and post a thread with pics!

If you start a thread in instruction and coaching on the proper use of a lurk, I'll offer my opinions, but I never really used my lurk much so my opinions are worth a grain of salt. I hate how lurkers lean into the turn and drag/pivot. That's just ugly. There, I said it.
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The lurk was a useful piece of equipment for helping muscle around 8 - 12 foot skis. I totally agree, telerod, it promotes bad modern technique. If you're going to lurk, use wooden, no steel edge skis like (back to the thread's original topic ) they do in the second video. Notice how in the second video, near the end of the clip, the lead skier has a lurk in his right hand and an axe or some other tool in the left? Reminds me of the print where the two tele warriors are saving the baby king.

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 Does the tele board come with releasable bindings?
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 Haha, touché!
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