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Rossignol Bindings

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I've always skied with Marker Bindings on a Rossignol Ski, but it now seems that I have to go with a Rossignol binding if I want to stay with Rossignol skis (I've been looking at the Viper STX).

I know any binding can perform when both the bindings and boots are new and clean, but how do Rossignol bindings perform in the real world after a couple of seasons of wear and tear? My skiing is mostly on groomed runs in the east.
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Rossis & Looks are my favorite binding right now. They have worked flawlessly for me & my two grown kids. They have taken more of a pounding than our Markers ever withstood (my kids kept breaking plastic things off their Markers which is one reason my family is now Marker free). I would highly recommend them.
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Rossi and Look bindings (same binding, different label and color) are the best on the market in my opinion, in terms of performance, reliability and durability. I only ski rossi/look and salomon, and the salomon's only because the Ti version is lighter and compatible with Alpine Trekkers.

The only weakness I know of is the turntable can develop some play in the "roll" direction if used on very wide skis by very strong, heavy skiers for a long time (100+ days). Even then they will still release reliably.
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I'll second that Look/Rossi are the best bindings on the market. Simple yet well refined design means there is little to go wrong yet they tolerate wear and abuse very well. Mine have always performed perfectly despite some worn boots, snow and road grime. My next bindings are definitely going to be Look/Rossi.
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