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Colorado bound!

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Hey! I just found out today I'm headed to Colorado at the end of the month to do a CSIA level 3 course at Club Med. The only problem is I was so happy to find out I was going I can't remember if it's Copper or Crested Butte. Whoops. Anyway, when I figure out which of these two sweet places I'm headed too I'll post it here(should be in the next few days). It would be great to meet up with anyone that happens to be in the same place I happen to be in, which ever place that is....? You know what I mean.
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If you go to Crusty Butt, : Look up a guy they call Boogie working with the Club Med there. He's a great guy and can show you the ropes there, on and off the hill. : --------Wigs
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Didn't they turn the Club Med at Copper into employee housing a couple of years ago. Unless Copper allows Club Med for this, I thought the only Club Med retail lodging in Colorado was at CB.
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Hey CB-
You'll definitely be going to Crested Butte. It is true the Club Med at Copper closed down a couple of seasons ago.

While there, look up Scott Barney, David, or Shehime. They'll take good care of you....

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Yup, you guys are right it's Crested Butte. I'm going for two weeks now as well, level 3 the first week then a level 2 the second. I'm super stoked, I 've never been to Crested Butte before.
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