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Hey Tim_mIT

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How about a progress report? I remember your first Epicski post about a year and a half ago, when you were asking us about how to get out of the wedge thing.
Speak to us! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Sorry Lisamarie!

As this late reply may suggest, i've been quite busy lately. I don't think i've ever told you guys this but i'm a young'un and am in the process of completing my final year of school.

Back when i was asking about how to get out of the wedge, i'd just come home from my first week of skiing ever and i was (and still am) totally hooked. I repeated the trip this year. The snow was AWESOME!! and i really did have one of the best times of my life. I hired out a set of carve skis which saw the parallel turns come alot easier, and the ugly head of the wedge *almost* vanish.

Thanks alot for thinking of me! I've been lurking around here every now and then but i havn't had much time or info to post.

Stay cool :
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