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2009 British Open

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Day 2 partially done and the coleaders are a young unknown and a 59 year old. A 49 year old guy is in second.  Tiger may not make cut.  Go Watson, Go Calcavecchia, Go Greybeards (which could include Jimenez).  Watson rolled in two monster birdie putts late in his second nine.
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And Tiger is  .... on a plane!
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 TW is doing great.... The other TW.. Tom Watson. 
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And then there is John Daly in the hunt.

Sounds like a plot for a movie in about 50 years.
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 I'll be listening to Golf Channel on the road today.  This is definitely an interesting Open.

Two weeks I'll be at the Buick Open!!
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 Daly looks like he lost a ton of weight. 
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Does anybody here not want Watson to win?  No other outcome would make me happier than if Watson pulled this off.  Problem is, the old guys usually run out of gas on Sunday.
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Norman did this last year and it was amazing to see him lead after 3 rounds.  Then the young guns got him.  Everything says Watson can't hold up either, but Watson is unconscious with the putter right now.  He also is a modern legend at mastering links golf.  They are saying this would be the greatest single tournament victory in pro golf if he wins.  What do you think?
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I think Tiger winning he US Open last year in a playoff with a broken leg and major knee damage is hard to top.  Still, This would certainly be one of the greatest human interest stories in golf for the ages (nice pun eh?).  I always liked Watson, real stand up guy.  He deserves everything good that happens to him.
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Originally Posted by Jamesj View Post

Norman did this last year and it was amazing to see him lead after 3 rounds.  Then the young guns got him.  Everything says Watson can't hold up either, but Watson is unconscious with the putter right now.  He also is a modern legend at mastering links golf.  They are saying this would be the greatest single tournament victory in pro golf if he wins.  What do you think?
Absotively. This would far trump Jack winning the Masters at 45 or however old he was. 
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During JD's suspension from the PGA Tour he had gastric bypass surgery.

And (&^^%$) one of my friends plans to order some of JD's lovely trousers!!!!
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Two weeks I'll be at the Buick Open!!

Enjoy Warwick Hills.
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Originally Posted by mikewil View Post

During JD's suspension from the PGA Tour he had gastric bypass surgery.

That's a terrible decision for someone that drinks alcohol excessively.  If he doesn't quit he'll be dead in two years.  I'm surprised he found a doctor that agreed to do it for him. 
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Eating breakfast with the British Open and watching in amazement at some of these shots.  This course looks very imposing! 
Watson is impressive, both on the course and in his interview.  He is a very humble guy!
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Just got back from church, finished lunch, turned on the TV and Watson's walking up to the 18th tee. 
Perfect timing or what?
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 Goggins has got to be sick about that last putt!  Heck I am depressed for him.
Watson followed with a sad putt that will bring us a play off.

Bring it!!
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If Watson were to win the playoff I would agree that it would be arguably the best major win of all time,  59 year old winning playoff with artificial hip trumps 32 year old winning playoff with broken leg
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 Maybe after I play about 1000 more rounds of golf I'll be able to chip like Watson did on that last hole. 
Cink is, deservedly the British Open Champion, but Watson has, again, proven to be a class act!
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Some idiot will say Watson choked.  If that's what some people will choose to call "choking" I hope to be good enough to choke someday, but I know I'll never even be remotely close.

I bet second place pays pretty well, and he'll probably get some more endorsements, AARP commercials, etc.  Well done!
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 I missed the round today but checked in while we were out. I had hoped Tom pulled it out. I am guessing he jsut ran out of gas. Friday started with 60 players under par, but Sunday's end, it was only 4. Wow. 
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Watson didn't choke.  The 5' - 8' putt was a big factor, Watson missed a few of those.  He played a tournament to make all us old guys feel proud though.

Tom Watson you are the man.  Cink if you can be in a playoff in a major in 27 years, you will be.
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 Stranger, you're right.  Watson didn't choke.  He had a few bad shots but he equally pulled off some amazing shots that are the stuff champions are made of.
Cink played well and was gracious with his acceptance speech, giving kudos to Watson.
Watson's interview was humbling and inspirational.  He is the man!

Phil, glad you had a fun day away from the TV today, but sad that you missed this play off....it was a good one to see.
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Well, here it is. Watson got a bad break as far as i'm concerned. He hit a great 8 iron shot into a green that didn't hold. If his ball had hit 4 feet shorter he would have been stoney but instead, it rolled over and into the second cutting. Bad break.

But. But, (i'm not the idiot you are talking about) but, he hit a shot that wasn't good from there. Should have gone with a wedge instead of trying to putt. And the next shot, which I describe as a choke. (say what you will) but it was absolutely the worst five and a half footer i've seen anyone hit, including an 18 handicapper. His head came up, he decelerated through the stroke, not very Watsonlike. Look, the chip was bad but the putt was terrible.

As great a story this was, I'm glad for cink. He did what he had to do to win this tournament. He birdied the last hole and then played consistant in the playoff. And as one commenter said, if Watson had won, it would have been a great story but it wouldn't have been a life changing event for him. Just another Brittish Open win. For Cink?  It is a life changing and a historical event for him.

Needless to say, this 58 year old was rooting for the old guy. But it was the worst putt i've ever seen in a professional event.
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Golf is such a cruel game. I feel badly for Tom (and all us old geezers) but Stewie played so well over four days and threw a 69 in the final round and is deserving of the title "Champion Golfer of the Year". That seems to be the trend in the British Open with the last three winners coming from behind in the final round.
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I don't think he choked. Good full swings and good putts on 16, 17 & 18 put him position to win. Some of the younger guys choked to let Watson's steady play hold the lead. I don't know enough about the conditions to know if it was unlucky or poor club selection that led to his problems on 18 but even if it was the club it still was only off by a matter of a few feet.
His second putt was not even the worst putt on TV Sunday. It finished inside a foot from the hole. It was about like Cink's miss of a shorter putt at the U S Open a few years back.
Would a Watson win have been the greatest sports story of all time? I think so. I think it might have been the greatest sporting achievement of all time too but that's different category.
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I missed the whole thing, went camping in the mountains.  But heard Tom interviewed later about how a loss like that tears his guts out.  I was upset for a while knowing how cool it would have been for him to win, but like someone else said he really doesn't need this win, it was frosting on a great career. Taking it to a playoff and finishing second at his age will begin to feel real good to him as time goes by.  Congrats to Stewart Cink.
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Watson's putt made you want to turn your head away and not look. Very poor putt. Just reinforces the golf ball doesn't care who you are or how deserving you are. Watson can still bring it. Just didn't have the ending most everybody was wishing for him.
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Look, when you've got a left edge straight up the hill putt from 8 feet to achive maybe the greatest feat anyone at his age has had the opportunity to have, it was definitly the worst putt he's hit maybe ever. Choke or no choke, it was a horrible stroke and something he will relate to the rest of his career. However long that is. We who have played alot of golf over the years, tournaments and such know how it feels. I've been there and still remember stupid ass shots that cost me Member-Guest and Club Championships let alone a 6th Brittish Open. It's not a good feeling. And always seem to outweigh those moments of greatness.

i loved the commentary showing the greatness of the man, Tom Watson. Not pounding his clubs into the ground and mouthing swear words like some other famous golfer we know. Or flipping them to the ground in disgust when he misses a fairway of ends up in a bunker. He might not end up as famous or owning as many Major Championships. But Tiger  Woods has nothing on this man.
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Everyone feels bad for Watson -- I feel bad for Cink. Top articles on the open in google news don't even mention the winner's name, our local paper has a photo of Watson and headline of Watson and doesn't even mention Cink's name until the 7th paragraph.

Hell, in this thread the ratio (prior to this post) is 31 Watsons to 7 Cinks.

Great job to both... and congrats to Stewart, excellent open.
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Today's stories are about Watson and Cink but 10 years from now Cink's name will still be on the trophy for 2009. In time he'll get his due, partly because he birdied the last hole to earn his spot in the playoff.
Lars, you're right it was a poor stroke. I also remember the ones I miss more clearly than my successes.
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