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Three weeks ....

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Its been three weeks since I've picked up my clubs.  This is no way to improve!!!

Rain, life, family, and other fun stuff have seemed to gotten in the way...

I'm sitting here with my morning cuppa, watching the British Open while I get ready for work thinking......I really really gotta get back out there!

How is your golf season fairing?
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Actually, I'm kind of slumping right now. My game is there but for some reason, the results aren't what I expect. But, I'm blowing the work day off today. I'm going to take my guys golfing today at a very nice course in Erie. Whispering Woods.

My handicap is up to an 8 and i've got work to do on my short irons.
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 I planned on getting in 9 this morning, but just cannot get motivated to get out there.
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Wow, Lars. An 8 handicap is dang good golfing. 
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

How is your golf season fairing?

Up and down. (get it?)

My swing is going all over the place as my shoulder heals and I lose weight. Trying out new clubs and new balls has not been helping short term either. But I am still learning and improving for the long term.

Our weather in the early spring made it difficult to get rounds in, but you've got to have your priorities straight! :)  Like skiing though, there are times when you just need to go out and risk getting caught by bad weather or else you'll lose your "cred" as a player. This week I snuck an extra round in just in case I was going to get rained out yesterday. Then the forecasted rain did not come. Bonus! 

Cheer up. With less snow and less cold forecasted for your region, you'll have more time for golf. Next winter.
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I struggle to be consistant lately. I'm either shooting a 77 or an 87 which is most frustrating and while many would be satisfied with that, I know I am not satisfied. It's like skiing for you guys. While I am very satisfied with my skiing and not yearning to be any better, you are always seeking perfection.

believe it or not, it very similar.
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 I finally got a round of golf in on Sunday.
I planned it, scheduled a 9 AM Tee time and headed to meet Ice Lady for 18 holes at Sugarloaf.
My score was evidence of my lack of playing in .......how long......OMG.......7 Weeks!!! 

Wow it felt good to get back out there!

Here's a shot of Ice Lady with her ice blue ball with Awful Awful in the background.....
Shameful to see the desolate ski hills with delapidating equipment.

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Golf is strange. Last Thursday I threw my worst round in years. Today, playing at the beautiful Haymaker course in Steamboat Springs, I go four over on the front (*&^*)  and am 2 under on the back until I pull hook a drive on 16 just into a hazard taking a double but bounced back with a par, birdie finish on 17 and 18. 1 under on the back felt good.

Let's see if we can continue it on the home track tomorrow..
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Went and played a course called the Classic kind of a  local manhood test.  Have been playing in the low to mid 80s'.

Maybe I can get big boy pants next year.
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Don't know if this has happened to anyone else.  I've been playing really well recently but my h'cap is stuck at 3. It's because the course I'm a member at just can't get the greens good enough to make putts on with any consistency.  I really hate to move on. I live 1/2 mile away. I know everyone there. It's a better than decent layout and a good challenge from the tips, but I'm getting frustrated that good attempts just don't want to go in. It's not just me either. We have a scramble coming up and my team has been playing practice rounds. We've got a 5, me a 3, and two at scratch. Today we couldn't make a six footer, and a couple in the 10-12 range. The only other course in the area will cost me twice as much, has a much shorter season, is much more crowded, and is a 15 mile drive each way. It does have great greens though.

I don't think the situation will change soon. They get lots of play and most that I see are so bad they probably don't realize how inconsistent the greens are. Grrr.
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Such is the high price of living in Monument, CO.  You could always go over to Black Forest and take up sail planes. 

May not be paradise but go up the hill out back, you should be able to see it from there.

Will trade you a fist full of low priced torment quality courses in the $25 to $35 budget range, for any ski area in Summit County.
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Ok, send me some gems and you can have .............Breck
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Will get the crew out with shovels tomorrow night.  Expect delivery by Thursday.

When should we expect Brek to arrive?

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Oops, sorry.  Couldn't find a stamp. Deal's off.
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
 my lack of playing in .......how long......OMG.......7 Weeks!!! 

What is this? A golfaholics thread? Hi my name is Trek and it's been 7 weeks since I ...(sniff)
played golf.

Ok - then. Let me try. Hi, my name is Rusty. It's been 3 hours since I last played golf.
(snort). Trek - get back on that horse and go play some more!
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 I golfed, or should have golfed but instead went on a scavenger hunt for golf balls.......
I came away with one thought........
This is a stupid stupid game. 
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Well d'uh!

Like sliding down a frozen mountain is any smarter? Try playing when the wind speed is greater than the temperature and then tell me how stupid this game is.
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I was a Caddy,does that count? Skiing the rain is the top 10.
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Played this morning or at least played at it.  By the 4th hole threw away the scorecard.  The numbers on there were starting to look like the deficit. 

18th was the come back hole appropriately enough.  330 yard par 4, hit a 9 iron 2nd shot to inside 6"  .  My buds did not even make me putt it out for the birdie.

I will go back now.
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Shot a 37 tonight in golf league. One birdie, two bogies, six pars. Lipped out three putts which could have gave me my best round of the year.
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Last Sat we had a team in the Patriot Day scramble at my home course. We had a pretty good chance going in we thought. Had a 5, 3, and two scratch players. No one was super long but we all are good iron players. About half the field had gone through and I got to move the long drive marker. Didn't hold up though. Winner nicked me by 140 yds. We shot a 56 which was tied by three other teams. We won the scorecard playoff with a 27 back nine. Fun day.
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That's awesome. Best group i've been in for a scramble shot 15 under.

I've seen some teams shoot 18 under though. Tuff to do.
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Thanks, it is hard to go really low. We didn't have anyone who could drive par 4s so we hit a lot of 9-LW into greens. Only reached two of the par fives, made one of the putts. Talking to other teams it seemed like making birdies on the par 3s was the difference. You can't use length to birdie a par 3, yet we only missed on one. This was my personal low as well.
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I get the chance to play on some really good teams around here because of my ability to read greens and my putting stroke.

Got league again tonight. Hopefully, I'll remain hot. Good skin game in this league.
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You are now in the company of the new senior club champion of Bemus Point Golf Club.

a net 65 and my best round of the year. ( a skin also)
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Originally Posted by Lars View Post

You are now in the company of the new senior club champion of Bemus Point Golf Club.

a net 65 and my best round of the year. ( a skin also)
Congratulations!  Shooting 65 net when you're a single digit player means you had one heck of a round.  Treasure that championship!

My game is slowly coming around.  Last two scores were 79 and 77 and I left a lot of missed opportunities out there.  It's the same thing every year.  The game starts to gel and the season ends.  Glad I don't do this for a living....
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Originally Posted by Lars View Post

You are now in the company of the new senior club champion of Bemus Point Golf Club.

a net 65 and my best round of the year. ( a skin also)
Kudos Lars!  
Nice accomplishment!!!
Not sure how I missed this post, other than I've neglected my golf game and thus have been avoiding the golf forum. 
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What a difference a week makes. Played in the overall club championship yesterday and didn't make the cut to today's final round. Shot an embarrasing 88. wow! Talk about sucking.

Driving accuracy gone! ob on 5 holes no less. This course is soft for a fade but a hook will not cut it. By the time I figured out what I needed to do to correct my problem, frustration and missed putts killed me.

By the way, the leader shot 67 yesterday, scratch.

Still, I'm happy with my game this year.
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Went to a Bridgestone ball fitting yesterday.  Very interesting, they tested me up with a ball very much like what I play only softer.  Their computer showed an 18 yard increase on drive and over 1000 point decrease in the spin rate, that is my slice they say.  It will be very interesting to play with the sleeve of sample balls they gave me.

Wednesday shot an 81 on my home course a personal best (a 128 slope rating).  Now to do it twice in a row.
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Been playing a Bridgestone Tred Soft

added 10 to 15 yards  on average with the driver. But what I really like is the feel while putting. My game started comming around when I switched to them.

Nice shooting stranger
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