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To All That Disagree With Me,

Too often we look for skiing deficiencies rather than look at some of the obvious mechanical deficiencies. To reiterate: I said that the space was a CLUE, not a fact. It was something to EXPLORE, nothing more. You guys read too much into things sometimes.

Merry Christmas
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Rick H, I don't disagree with your belief that instructors may be to quick to dismiss miss alignment but I think in the case here its fairly easy to see knee angulation vs A-framing. Alignment problems are far more likely to affect old farts over the age of say, "50" than guys like me at 48. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Rick H, I just checked again, and those boot shafts look exactly parallel to me. :
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The best that I can see from this photo is a space between the feet. It LOOKS like the knees are touching, as there is no light coming from between the knees.

We all, including me, are making a lot of assumptions about this photo. None of us know what movements these two skiers have made prior to the photo. Plus the photo is not well lit to be able to distinguish where the leg positions are, relative to each other. I find it interesting that we all look at a photo somewhat differently. The only way to accurately assess movement via photos, is with a motor drive camera that will shoot 10 frame per second.
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Did you have any fun looking at these two skiers? Was it educational or a waste of bandwidth?
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Yes, Yes, No.
Merry Christmas
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yes, always fun to excercise the grey muscle

yes, especially given the limitations of static posture

no bandwidth wasted on this
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For me, it was educational. While one can get some information from a single picture, value judgements should not be made on just one peice of information. As I said in my last post, we all made assumptions from just one photograph. What happened prior and what happened after? We don't know.
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Originally posted by nolo:
Did you have any fun looking at these two skiers? Was it educational or a waste of bandwidth?
It was certainly an educational exercise for me! Thanks, Nolo!
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It is always fun to see what people come up with in terms of movement analysis. It is quite educational, I think.

Too bad there is no video to shed some light on the few disagreements we've had.
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My two cents worth. The foreground skier is much more of an athletic skier than the background skier. The foreground skier has a much more contemporary stance, is stacked well over the skis and would blow the doors off the skier in the background if there was a race to the bottom. See, he’s already winning. [img]tongue.gif[/img] And “A” framed??? Some are really nit-picking on that one. The foreground skier is a level 5-6??????????? I highly doubt it. : -----Wigs
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I have to agree with John H and wigs.
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Analysis for modern times 101.

Based on the stance, hand position and clothing type I would say that the person behind tips better than the one in front.

As I am able to identify this fact I will most likely be able to sell this person more lessons which makes me a more valuable member of the SS and so, by modern definitions, a better instructor.
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Man from oz has learned the Guest Services Model.
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
to my UNTRAINED eye, the frontmost skier looks more relaxed and prepared for undulations, terrain changes, or changes of direction...

...while the rearmost skier looks like he/she is relying on banking and isn't centered fore/aft either, and looks like an 80s skier with the "feet locked together" pinnacle technique (or so people assumed) including the old "heel push" that leaves one with a weak downhill edge.

please correct my errors.

[img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] gonzostrike!
i like the "an 80s skier with the "feet locked together" that you saying..
here in greece the most skiers believe that this means high technique, and im always be nearvous with this! they dont understund that this has not good stability especially in high speeds..
but here noone runs..
im very new in this forum and im exited!
i hope ill learn a lot of things about carving technick that i like..

hi to all [img]smile.gif[/img]

p.s. and exuse me for my very bad english..
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Welcome to EpicSki, stavros_d! You will find much here to help you with your technique; start with some of the recommended threads from the home page. Or search on "Right tip right to go right"...

Also, many of us struggle with English, too, but it's our first language!!! :
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