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Travels With Wallace

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Skier_j and I just drove from Spokane, WA to Massachusetts the week of July 4th and it was a truly amazing road trip. 

We picked up a cute little guy in Yellowstone that we named Wallace, in honor of Weems' son, whose adventuresome spirit always led to fun and wonder.   Here's Wallace (Wolf) on the dash monitoring the radar detector (well, he had to sleep Sometime, and he picked OHIO to snooze, leaving me wide open for troopers to clock me speeding, surprise surprise):

We saw bison in Yellowstone rubbing on trees, alone in a field, and resting in groups.

Further on down the road, we saw Mt. Rushmore.  What a rush!   The excitement was too much for our little friend as we approached.

Wallace was sure that it was unfinished, and posed for the next phase.

On the road again, Wallace wondered who was riding in this very cool bus.  Perhaps Kevin Costner, who Danced With Wolves? 

Next stop was this strange place.    Wallace spent a lot of time here and enjoyed just hanging out in Wall......Wall, Wallace.....I see why he liked the place so much.

He got to see his favorite accordionist, Myron Floren.  Who could forget the stirring rythyms of polka played to the chamagne music makers' direction.   What a treat!

I need a break, I'm sweating!  To be continued.....

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There were many fun things to do at Wall Drug in South Dakota.   We saw a bison up close:


Perhaps this was one of 'Weems' Loose Ladies'? 


Dinnertime Hall of Fame for young wolves!

Back on the road again.....Hey!  Wrong WAY!!

Most of South Dakota made Wallace doze, but he perked up when he saw this load of pigs going to market.   We had to put the windows up to keep the piggies safe.

Wallace was getting cranky, so we stopped in the middle of a windstorm to get some R&R.
Relaxing poolside after a good swim was a soothing way to shake off the road.

The next day, wind energy dominated lower Minnesota and Iowa landscapes.  

Next stop:  Devonian Fossil Gorge in North Liberty, Iowa.  Stay tuned!

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We stopped to see family and friends in Cedar Rapids (see the rabbits), Iowa and spent one afternoon at Coralville Dam at the Devonian Fossil Gorge.   A flood in 1993 washed out soil and uncovered fossils, and the flood of last year tore out another 17 feet of soil uncovering even more fossils.   We had fun looking around for critters in the stone.

Here's what we found:  Some circly things, some wormy things, some snaky things....

some shell-like things:

And this big cluster of ancient life:

"There was a great battle here".....sorry, Wallace, you're too late to meet these guys.

Scat Identification, anyone?  Mmmm, berries!

And at the dam, scene of many fishing expeditions from my youth.   (And a scary place, as my 5 year old cousin and I (at age 7) were left there after dark by my grandparents who thought my mom came and got us.   We started to walk home and got a couple of miles.   It still gives me the creeps to be there):

During the flood last year, water was over the top of the spillway by a few feet.   The fossil gorge is downstream.  As kids, we used to run around barefoot and we'd run up it on all fours (it was steep).  One year, we ran up it only to find the water was about 4 inches below the top on the other side.  What a shock!   My brother grabbed me and was gonna push me in.   I still have nightmares from that one.

On the road again.....heading for Cleveland!

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Welcome to Cleveland, Ohio.  Cleveland Rocks, yes it does.   A view from our room:

On our way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we saw a couple of cool things.  Wallace wants to play guitar someday, and I think he'd be a star.

Free.  What a way to be.

They don't allow pictures in the RARHOF, but Wallace had a good time in Johnny Cash's tour bus.

This is Johnny's john.  

Yes, Wallace washed his paws after. 

This is so wrong.   I mean, stealing the Queen's Box?   I'm miffed.  So is Wallace, who did not want to be photographed at a crime scene. 

At the dining table in JC's bus.

And pretending to be Queenie, but everyone knows there's only one Queen. 

Now that we're home, Wallace is resting up for the second journey...flying back to Washington in September and driving with the Queen back to Massachusetts one more time. 

Thanks to Wallace and skier_j for making this trip more pleasant!
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That was a fun five minutes.  How long did the trip take?
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Long enough for the car to get 'that wild smell' from being in it too long.  Oh wait.  That was there the first day. 

We left on Monday, June 29th and arrived home Monday July 6th. 
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This is really  beautiful.  We're really honored that Wallace/spirit joined you.

Thank you!!!

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Wallace wanted everyone to know it is snowing in NE Wyoming!

Bonni heading into Sheridan WY from Spokane last evening
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My daughter and I drove through snow storms in Wyoming (no snow tires on the pickup) on Sunday coming back from Denver.  Had planned to arrive in Bozeman that night, but called it quits in Billings instead.  Quite a surprise.  I was stewing that DH hadn't put the studs on the truck before we left, then realized that we'd left home in September before they were legal.  Proceeded on Monday to Bozeman in more snow, then found dry roads three miles west of BZ, thank goodness, for the rest of the trip.  I hate driving the pickup.

It's snowing at the house now.
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Bonni--you crack me up. Sorry I missed this thread back in July.

An awesome trip report!

Best regards,
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I like Wallace on Mt. Rushmore...gives it a bit of furry dignity!
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