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Food/Exercise Log

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After eating Nachos, Chinese and Pizza/wings for dinner the past three nights ( I only eat this way with outside influence-), a conversation with a certain someone (the influence) last night and standing in the shower this morning I decided that I really need to actively pursue some weight loss. I've always had the problem of seemingly gaining weight faster then I can loose it, I don't know if this is because of added muscle mass every time I start to work out more or if it is because I eat more when working out. Up until 3 weeks ago I was doing crunches and sit ups every morning, climbing 3 hours a week and getting in at least a couple 25 mile rides. It was just starting to do good things to my body when I stopped for whatever reason.

In the past I've put in a weak effort of recording my meals. I googled "Food log" this morning and found the Live Strong website:
At first glance this looks great, it lets you track all food intake (it even has store specific brands), exercise etc. For example, I burned 31 calories this morning shaving! I think the BMI calculator is B.S., as at 5' 11 and my build I will never weigh 178lbs (the max. weight to stay in the "Normal" range), but all of these seem to be. I'm going to stick with this for a while and see what happens...
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I am sorry if I seem to be pushing this Crossfit stuff, but our Paleo Challenge at AlbanyCrossfit has yielded some amazing results.  I am talking about a lot more than just weight loss.  This is certainly worth a try.  I am about 30 days into it and I have lost 12 lbs and more importantly, I am able to train at much higher intensity levels.

You have to work at it a little and plan your food purchases.  But it's actually not that hard to do it you make an effort.
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Paul,sounds like your doing great!.
Don't feel like you've got to apoligize for CF. Sooner or later everyone will be drinking the kool-aid.
We just start a 90 day Strict Paleo challenge. No dairy,no alcohol.
We were supposed to start July 1 but we went out to the CF Games and ate like crap & drank like fishes. We had a real good time.
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