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Mountain Biking in Steamboat, Emerald Mountain

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My friend Jon took me on a "locals standard" ride yesterday. If you are familiar with Steamboat, here's what it is. Lupine loop, to Blair Witch to MGM.  Start in Howelson park, ride up Lupine trail, this is a steep switch-back climb that just killed me. My legs were wanting to keep going but I couldn't get enough air in my lungs! the base elevation in town is about 6700, so within a short time, you are over 7k. You finish the switchback section and then continue to climb through really pretty aspens, wildflowers and oaks for a while. After another pretty steep section, you hit a fire road, climb for about a 1/2 mile to a rocky opening near the top of Emerald. It overflooks the valley and faces Mt Werner.  The altitude there is about 8000 or so.and I was told it was a climb of about 3 miles! (I never would think I could do that) From there, we heading across with only a little more climbing to a trail called "Blair Witch" a turny aspen and pine trail with dense foliage about knee-high. This definitely pushed my skills, you really had to make the turns, the penalty could be painful!  From there, we crossed a wooden foot bridge, this was my first experience with this kind of feature, a little un-nerving to say the least, about 18" wide and about 50 feet long.  We hit  the MGM trail, this was a switchback descent through waist-high ferns and wildflowers, It was more like skiing waist-high pow. You could hardly see the trail with the foliage, very cool and fun, Then thorugh some more Apens &  oaks, opening up to huge wide-open meadows descending back down.  Just amazingly beautiful and fun. It was great to push myself to do more challenging terrain and conditions.  Iearned a lot about how to climb and how to take tight turns.. Very similar to skiing! 

Here's a link to another rider's pictures that seem to follow the tail we took pretty closely, he has muc better photography skills.  http://www.steve-z.com/steamboat-springs-emerald-mountainhowelsen-hill-trails/

Here's more info with GPS Not the exact same route but close http://trailmapping.com/trails/united-states/colorado/steamboat-springs/lupine-loop-blair-witch-larrys-trail/

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 Wow, Finn, I can truly say I wish I were there!
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Sounds like a fun ride.
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Great job!  Looks as if it was a gorgeous day to be out riding.
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 Nice on ya. 
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thanks, there is a lot of really sweet trails and really good riders out here. I have to credit my trainer Danielle for kicking my ass this summer,  www.evolvehealthy.com  

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