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Ski suggestion

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 I'm currently looking to buy some skis(2008-2009 models to save some money as Im about to go off to college) but I'm not quite sure where to begin. I have been skiing all my life and have raced since I was about 10 but stopped last season as I find I don't have the time anymore which has led me to look for a more freestlye ski.


I'm about 5'7 and 130 lbs.

I'm looking for a freestyle twin tip not for park really but for moguls and back country. I consider myself an aggressive skier.

I go out west several times a year and that where I would like it to perform the best but I live in Ohio so a ski that handles ice and hard pack would be nice.


I was looking at the line prophet 90 but I'm not to sure about it. Any recomendations or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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 Try the Volkl bridge
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I was not a huge fan of the Volkl Bridges.....but I am not big on twin tips so my opinion is a bit biased (Ill be honest). I had the first year of the bridges 07-08.  But yeah the Bridges handle backcountry quite well, The bridge does ok for a mogul ski.......Id say look at the bridges, Nordica Ignitions, and Armada and 4 fnt make somepretty good skis......For my park and twinie ski I am on the Armada Pipe Cleaners.
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