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Replacement for duct tape....

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Friends, I have a pair of old Tecnica XT17's with Doberman leather lace up liners. Great fit and feel. But there is not much to the lower part of the shell and snow gets in. The liners are pretty thin and not terribly warm for below zero Maine skiing. I have used duct tape on the edges of the shell that closes over the top of the foot to keep out the snow and cold, with modest success. Was wondering if there is some sort of gasket material that I could apply to the shell edges which would do a better job. Was thinking I could appy some foam to the liner on the top of the foot where the shell separation is. But that might cause a great gap in the shell. Suggestions? Tx
PS: Got to love the two tone orange and silver look....
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I have brang new nasty Langes that do the same thing, so don't feel too bad.  I was a silver duct tape dude until I discovered one of the greatest inventions of the millennium:  Clear duct tape.  Works great and you can use as much as you need without looking like you bought your boots at a tag sale.  I was looking for the same type of thing you are but alas, such a miracle product does not really exist as of yet.   
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Clear duct tape. What the hell is this world coming to! I will look for it so folks don't think I got my Tecs at a garage sale, even though I did. Tx
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Originally Posted by Do Work View Post
  Clear duct tape. 

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 I have clear duck tape and don't think it's anything like duck tape.  It's an OK product but very different. 
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Try Blowe's or Home Despot if you can't find it someplace that sucks less.  There's also camo duct tape, but you have to buy it direct from Ted Nugent.   

I make a mini-roll just under the grips on my poles.  You never know when you might need some duct tape for outerwear repair/tourniquet/bustenhalter blowout fix/boot leaks/three man slingshot modification/boat repair/gondola evac/etc. etc. etc... 

I know it isn't eggsackly the same thing as the silver, but it still kicks serious ass and works just as good for the boot sealage issue without looking like you're from the future. 

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The camo is okay but show your true colors.   You can get duct tape in just about any color, mix and match.
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Leave duck tape for ducks and use duct tape for everything else
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 Clear duck tape? that's really criminal> I believe there is an inherent awesomeness to using duck tape. No reason to hide it. 
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Try this solution. It works for me. All orthodics centers have a very thin neoprone sleeve they give once they make a knee brace. It is used as a "protection" between knee and brace. It is three feet long and tapered! Just cut this sleeve and when you put boots on put sleeve section first, then once boots are on, just overlapp boot cuff with this sleeve.
Snow will never get in and water will just flow off.
By the wat sleeve is free!
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