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OK, just read the two links again.
"Who is JG" effectively says he is the foundation of America.
"Why is JG" could explain an awful lot if you apply what is said in the first link to it.

Is it true?
Is that what America thinks, or believes it is based on?
(I mean this seriously)

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Whattaya think, Gonzo, does the literary value suffer when a writer gets too didactic or uses the story to spout a philosophy or polemical argument such as Ayn Rand?

Adema, I admire how you gloss over your lapses. One might not even notice them.

Who's your favorite outdoor writer?

Mine is David Quammen.
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Gawd no. Americans don't like to think, remember?

Did any of you catch Frontier House on PBS? What caught my attention was the teenage girls after they went back to their posh home in Malibu were interviewed in the hot tub. They both said, "Modern life is boring. There's nothing to do but go to the mall. Back in Montana we were never bored." Their lives in Montana replicated that of an 1880's pioneer family--lots and lots of work, no plumbing, close quarters, etc.

This was from girls aged 16. One said that she thought when she returned to her school she would have a lot more confidence and would be a lot more sure of who she is and not so likely to do things to please others.

There's a difference between "individualism" and self-reliance. I'll take Civil Disobedience over that bloated, pretentious, and, dare I say, adolescent Atlas Shrugged.

Adema? I await your rapier-like wit.
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were i to ask you "is that what ireland thinks" would you be able to answer? is there one irish voice? a mass agreement on what is ireland?
knowing something of our last election, i'm sure, you must see that there is not, nor is there likely to be, any consensus. george bush is NOT america; neither would mr. gore had he been elected. to pretend to be able to answer "what does america (or anywhere) think" is folly and, were it to be answered in earnest, would take quite a long time, accounting for dissent, dichotomy and the duality (there, my alliteration for the day) present in everything that is seemingly ONE.
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Actually my favorite outdoor writer (journal) is me. No one else can tell me how the sun feels on my skin, how a sunrise or set looks through my eyes, and just how a sudden electrical storm scared the crap out of me. I read some outdoor authors for entertainment and education, but find most of them easy to finish at a later date.

I have to agree with ant, it's too bad people can't disagree without insulting the other person. I have been guilty of this also, but it's something I am working on.

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While I accept your point that the question is un-answerable, I also know from experience, that there are those who post who believe that they know the answer, and the rest of us just blo.

What I mean is, do those of you who have read the comments, and live in America, believe, or perceive that the comments may indeed be true?

Do you prefer the sentiment in Irving Berlin's "God Bless America" or Woodie Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land"?

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i've always preferred Jimi Hendrix's instrumental rendition of The Star Spangled Banner...

(edited after taking a peek at UP DOWN SIDEWAYS. i did not see the post but did get the hint to leave the politics at the base of the mountain. hint taken.)

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Originally posted by nolo:
Whattaya think, Gonzo, does the literary value suffer when a writer gets too didactic or uses the story to spout a philosophy or polemical argument such as Ayn Rand?

Who's your favorite outdoor writer?

Mine is David Quammen.
Yes, NB -- that's why I say Rand's work is philosophic fiction. I think that a better writer of philosophic prose storytelling is Robert Pirsig, although "Lila" and "Zen and the..." are mainly factual with fictional diversions.

As to outdoor writers, David James Duncan (The Brothers K; The River Why) and Ted Leeson (The Habit of Rivers) are the best, IMHO. :
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"Good night, Gracie"
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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is a terrific book. I read it during a ski trip in the Alps.

Oboe, settle down. The new thread you are looking for will appear in good time.
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I must say I was disappointed when reading Zen, it didn't seem to be a coherent book. If Vonnegut had written it, I probably would have accepted it, or even if it was in the style of Nabokov's Pale Fire. Maybe it just wasn't my style.

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I agree that in most cases she is didatic as well as a bit full of herself. And if you've ever read Nathaniel Brandon's The Passion of Ayn Rand, she was weird. But these words:

"We're on strike against your creed of unearned rewards and unrewarded duties."

To mix a metaphor, YES, to say YES to say YES!!!!!!
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Everything about that ski trip to the Alps was terrific.

I'd finagle a way to go every year if the Canadian Rockies (Columbia River drainage) weren't just a bit more spectacular and a whole lot cheaper.

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So, you think the Canadian Rockies are cheap?

I'll bet there's some Cannucks here would love to comment on some of the best bits of their country being described as cheap...

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everything in blessed Canada is cheap....except the government..EH!
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Cheaper implies that both are to some extent cheap. But the word is all wrong, as you point out. Let's say Canada is more economical a choice for U.S. citizens than Europe, and since I can drive to Canada it is even better.

I don't mean to be disloyal to my country, or to enter into the political arena, but to reference Zen and the Art, I find Canadians to be more tuned into Quality than Americans.

This is vividly demonstrated as you drive across the border at Nelway north of Metalline Falls. On the Washington side bottles, cans, paper, diapers, etc. litter the roadway. As soon as you cross into B.C. the roadway is clean and like that all over. There are big rocks and snow slides, but people just don't dump their garbage out the car window like they do here.

There's some kind of reverence for the place.

Quality + Economy = VALUE

From where I sit, Canada is a better value than Europe.
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I was just stirring!
It can also be cheaper for me to ski in Canada than in Europe, given the cost of food and drink.

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Yes, I know you were just joshin. I just jumped on the opp'ty to rant about roadside litter.
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