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WV State Champs report

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Originally Posted by Johnnys Zoo View Post

I was thinking the same thing. Strategy.

Something like this.

The usual suspects line up for the expert/pro/open class at the WV World Championship MTB race. Jeremiah Bishop, Nick Waite, Jason Cyr to name a few. All vying for the title. If you look over and see one of them during, you are going to die. Well at least a strong chance of DNF. : )

BWPA lines up at the BACK of the pack. Don't go out too fast! Save it! The race will probably start off on a gravel road and turn sharply onto a grassy climb. There will likely be a 20 ft long water hole in the grassy section. It will then narrow to some muddy single track in the trees. Continually climbing....You don't want to be out in front here. Your lungs will blow up from O2 debt!

In fact hang back, if you pace yourself right, Sue Haywood will catch you. Follow her or Mandi Riddle, or whoever the fastest women expert/pros are there! Out of the woods onto Moon Rocks. Still climbing.....Some riders will dismount and run this section. The line isn't straight up the rocks. It zig zags up the rocks. Its hard to see the line with other riders lined up along the rocks. You will either be in your granny gear or walking as quickly as possible (those poor achilles). After the rocks you are still climbing through some more grass, then up a steep section into some more woods. Climbing.....Climbing....

The TOP! Hair pin turn into a loose rock, and dirt/mud descent. Probably steering some, with leaning and sliding the rear wheel. It will probably be muddy so not too much front brake/wheel pressure. A couple of drops steep enough to have the saddle in your gut. Watch for loose rocks. Starts to smooth out, with rolling ups and downs. Still in the woods....Fast downhill into the grass and onto the gravel road. BIG RING! Crank!

Lap 2...Start to run the race now. If Sue is still in sight, try and reel her in. Don't pass. You will start to pass people on the rocks on lap 2. Try and pass toward the top of climb. That is very demoralizing!

There will likely be some sort of a pre/prologue. They usually change the course a little every year.

Get the picture? This is a tough race. The 28 miles will probably feel closer to 36ish. This strategy is basically the same as the guys that beat you in the crit.

Last year. Pic 2 down is Joey, Pic 3 is Weber. Some of my riding buddies. I was out with a neck, uh problem.



I chicken out and entered sport. Heck I still lost to the top sport guy buy 14 mins, who would of placed 4 overall if he entred expert and could of kept his pace.

That course wasnt really fun at all. Moonrocks really isnt rideable whenever you get to see it. Lots of straight aways, no flowly tight singletrack, short climbing. Honestly I wish I had 29er for the first time in my life. We simply dont have trails like that around here. You guys are simply demented.

yeah this is rideable...

I got 3rd in sport(first MTB race this year), dissappointed by not winning, and frustrated that my upper body(which I have spent time with actually making stronger) was WAY more tired than my legs/lungs were. My finish time was 1:51 with an average speed of 9.2 miles per hour. I had to hike alot of stuff around moon rocks, and I fucking HATE hike a bike cuase I suck at it.

This race qualifies as the most technical trail I have ridden(well walked) now.

Here are some more pictures.

I was still on the bike on moonrocks here, it may be rideable but trying to figure out the rideable line while racing just is not fun.

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This trail is just brutal. I remember the first time I was racing on the rocks. There were maybe 30 of us lined up walking. Sue Haywood rode past us! She knows the line. I got 3rd place then also. I remember thinking: How the heck did I get third place? Brutal. I've ridden it numerous times since then, and I still lose the line during a race. It helps to pre-ride it. When I get better maybe we can do a fun ride this fall. There are nicer trails in this area. My arm is still in pretty bad shape though.
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 Interesting. Those first two pics are kind of hard to judge without a rider on them for scale.
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Some more perspective on numbers 17 , 18?


Some race photos...

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more pics

the face of pain trying to move past the slower experts

nice singletrack wish there was more of it.

Sue is beating Gunnar though moonrocks
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 Great shot of Shogren/Haywood! We rode Moonrocks with toeclips and rigid forks, quit whining.

Congrats on the Podium!
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post

 Great shot of Shogren/Haywood! We rode Moonrocks with toeclips and rigid forks, quit whining.

Congrats on the Podium!

I would love to see video because even sue and gunnar walked sections of it. Plus I never saw the thing before and was totally in to the red zone when I hit it, very hard to pick lines when you cant think straight.

thanks but I hope to get better on tech stuff like this and faster at Hike a biking.
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The rocks can be ridden. As I said there is a line. As I recall, the best line isn't necessarily where the tire marks are. In a race it is faster to hike/run/ride it. I'll try and talk Joey, and Weber into riding this while I shoot video. However, those two aren't really into the stop and take pics thing.

Talk about Gunnar! He has got to be at least 50 years old, 5th place overall. It looks like he is pacing off Sue, in that pic.
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Duh! Maybe not 43?

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