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Resale value of season-old skis

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Hi all,

  I am currently searching for some powder skis for next season, and was under the impression that now is the time to get the best deal (but am I wrong?).  The downside is that I didn't demo anything last season, so I am buying blind.  Currently, I am looking at a pair of K2 ObSETHed skis from last season for about $410 including tax at a ski shop (ski shops seem to have much better deals than the Internet does).

  If I buy these now and find that they don't do it for me when I actually ski on them, how much of my original investment can I generally expect to get back by selling them slightly used, assuming I don't ski over any rocks?  Does my decision to remove or not remove the bindings affect resale value? 

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The best deals this year ran in February as dealers blew out inventory in the face of a major recession.  EpicSki members enjoyed huge discounts and give-aways from sponsors, and you  can still read about some of those deals in the Special Deals forum.  That inventory is sold, gone forgotten and has been replaced by summer gear like bicycles and kayaks.  What is left are models in low-demand and unpopular sizes or colors.   In September and October the new 2009-2010 equipment will start arriving and will sell between minimum advertised price and MSRP.  Depending on how sales go, there will be some sales and promotions, but big powder skis will likely hold value until well past the holidays.   There is some inventory of older models that may be available on discount, and local retailers probably want to liquidate that soon, or they will hold it for another two months and be able to sell into the demand of the new season.  Truth is, people who made killer deals this year in January - March can sell their used equipment at nearly the price they paid, and sometimes more for the very high demand models.

At $410 for the ObSETHed skis, which are the new-style wide and rockered, that is a good deal,and you could resell at minimal  loss.  In any event, you won't likely see them drop in price at this point.  Figure in prime season those should bring 40 to 50% of  the retail street price, assuming they are well cared for and the retail market has not collapsed like it did last spring.   Just don't wait past mid-January to make a deciison or you will take a bigger hit. 
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Thank you SO MUCH for the very informative response.  I guess I really missed the boat early this year - didn't even occur to me.  :-(

Economic recessions aside, can really good deals be found mid-season?  Or are the deals the best starting in, say, June?

What about the Fall -- I know there are always ski swaps around that time of the year, but my expectation is that prices would be decent but not great because dealers can charge more given the anticipation of the new season.  Am I wrong?

Again, thanks so very much for your response, Cirquerider!
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I think the best deals this year (trading cost vs availability) were in late March / early April.  I know because I waited till after I did my taxes, and by then the skis I was considering were gone.
(I bought skis mid summer and paid more than I would have earlier.  By then the only places that still had  what I wanted were those that did not discount as heavily.) 

edit -- in your other thread I see you are looking at Obsetheds fror $410.  I think that is a good deal.  I just recently spent more than that (around $490.90) for a pair (for my son) at Evogear.  I got the 2nd to last pair -- all they have now is next years model for $700.  I think I could have gotten them for quite a bit less when SierraSkis was unloading inventory last spring.
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Yes indeed! SierraSki's product page for them has them at $288!!!! Wow! Some lucky people really scored on that one! They say "out of stock" and when I asked, of course the official word is they won't be re-stocking any more at that price. ;-)

But, as it turns out, I just learned today that next year's ObSETHed will be the *same* ski only with new graphics (darker apparently), so I would expect this past season's ski to hold its value well into next year.

Even though I took the plunge on the ObSETHed skis today, I'll be curious to watch prices in the Fall. Thanks for the great responses!
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If you are curious, the evogear site shows next year's Obsethed graphics.  They are a little greener and a little more abstract, but there is a family resemblance. 
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