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Remounting bindings?

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This may be a stupid question but anyways- Can you remount binding in a different location? I have a pair of K2 Public Enemys Mounted with LOOK bindings. I'm going to be getting a new setup for next year and I wanted to center mount these for purely park use. Can this be done? Thanks for the help.

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Welcome to EpicSki Travis.

Here's a post from a Bear that took time to document the steps on how he does his.  He is a little more careful than I am (find your spot, clamp the riser and drill it) , but a little less careful than a shop would be using a jig.

DIY Binding Mount (skier219 method)

There's also a bunch of threads on different ways folks plug the old holes.  EpicSki Alpinrod runs a ski tuning supply company called Slide Wright.  They sell plugs.  Good guy too
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Thanks for the info. I wont be doing it myself, I just wanted to know if it was even possible. I thought that having two sets of holes in the ski might compromise its strength and perhaps ruin the flex. Thanks.
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General wisdown is 3 mounts = OK. Beyond that, the structural integrity of your swiss cheese skis may be compromised.
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 Remounting a second or third time should not be a problem. Be sure that the holes are several mm apart.

You might consider a binding that allows easy repositioning without drilling. The Tyrolia Railflex bindings can be moved easily to fit almost any bootsize. If you reposition the toothed retainers under the toe and heel units, you can move a mid-length boot forward or aft 10 to 30mm. That might be enough to allow one set of skis to be used in the park and as freeride skis. Changing the position will take about 15 minutes and a skilled eye.

Try to make this remount your last.


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I've always heard that you need at least 1cm between holes.  It's hard to get that with more than a few mounts.

One additional benefit of Railflex bindings is that the mount holes shouldn't conflict with the existing holes.

Another alternative that avoids overlap issues and maximizes flexibility is to mount carve plates on them.
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