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Ultimate ski lock < $10

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I go through about one of those $10-15 recoil-style locks as season.  Eventually it jams and I twist the plastic housing and it breaks into a few pieces and you can get your skis out with very little effort.  So I wanted something that would last and be cheap and easy.

I can't take credit for inventing this.  One of our other coaches did.  A bunch of us teach kids groups from 9AM-3PM with a mid-morning break and lunch.  It's a pain to use Ski Watch with 6-8 kids and regular locks won't lock that many skis.  So he came up with this design and I copied it.

I bought 8' of 1/16" cable, two crimp ferules and a little combo lock at the home box store for about $9 total.  I now have a lock that, even though it might not look it lying on the table, takes up no more room in my pocket than a recoil lock and will lock a dozen skis quickly and easily.  I could have used 3-4' of cable for just me but the additional length adds virtually no additional space in my pocket.

Of course with simple tools, you could get through it but locks are for "keeping honest people honest" and this is still 10 times harder to break into than a recoil-style lock.

I did add one thing, in the second picture, you can see I added a bit of heat-shrink tubing around the ferules to smooth it out.

before heatshrinkAfter heatshrink
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Nice lock.  I recommend something like this that holds the skis together between the bindings instead of just looping though the brake (which is held on by one wimpy Phillips screw).  It also holds poles.  But, if someone wants your skis and is watching you and using a lookout they will get them, but they might get caught later.  If I'm skiing with a buddy we separate then and lock one of each together.

I got this many years ago for about 5 dollars. It was sold by Master Lock.   If I lever lost it I would make one.

It fits skis up to 80 mm waist-the fitting between the skis and poles slides back anf forth across the cables to adjust..  I think anything fatter might require only locking one pole with them.  Still would be effective.  Who would want one pole?  Besides, my poles are 20 years old LOL!
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