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Roof racks?

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It's a Pontiac G3 Wave (re-badged Suzuki Swift+ made in Korea);  What I save on gas 1/2 pays for it.  What I save on repairs more than covers the rest.

Something tells me the 208s won't fit.
Carrying a canoe might be easier with a rack too.

Any recs? I don't want cheap good and fast, just inexpensive and good.
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Thule or Yakima.

Just pick.

EDIT: Be aware of load ratings when you buy the rack. Make sure you are looking at the rating specific to that rack on YOUR car, as fit kits and individual vehicles lower the max. load capacity. Also, a canoe on that might have some problem catching some wind...
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Won't a pair of 208's equate to wings on that!?!  How do you plan on keeping the front tires on the ground?

Somebody had to
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Yakima has the new mounting system that elevates the rear mounts.  Supposed to work great for helping maintain traction on the smaller cars. 

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You could use the new G3 Wave as the 'Thule Box' for the old car.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

You could use the new G3 Wave as the 'Thule Box' for the old car.

Hahaha. it IS the right color. 
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Time to stock up on cheap ski bags.  You'll go through a few using roof racks, but better than putting skis up there naked.  Do they make a box that would hold 208s?  I have a rack but only put skis (bagged skis) in it when I have more than two passengers and can't fold a rear seat down.
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I'm contemplating modifying an old Barrecrafters SR71 to fit my '05 Malibu.
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

  Do they make a box that would hold 208s?

My 210 Head SG's fit in my Thule box, I'm not sure if my 215's fit. I usually just toss them into the passengers foot well-to rear window position.
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 Whiteroom's Thule Box has plenty of Head room.  
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 I liked the quick and easys when cars had rain gutters.  Now I use Thule.
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