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MTB: 7-1-09 Tahoe Rim trail to the Flume.

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Yesterday I met up with my niece Shannon & friends Gary & Brad to ride one of my all time favorite rides anywhere.  This ride is filled with stunning views & all kinds of spectacular riding the whole way.  It is mostly single track except the last 3 mile high speed downhill on the Tunnel Creek fire road to the shore of Lake Tahoe.  Beginning at the top of the Mt. Rose Hwy., we ride 9 miles of rolling, mostly downhill to begin the climb to Marlette Pk..  From there it is downhill again to Marlette lake for a short snack break.  Once we are riding again it is around the lake to the beginning of the Flume trail.  The Flume is a 1% grade 1000' above lake Tahoe.  At the end of the Flume we head downhill to finish our 28 mile ride.

Looking back at Mt. Rose where Splitter does a lot of his BC skiing in winter.

From the top of Marlette overlook, SW w/Marlette lake & Tahoe in the background.

Leaving from the Overlook.

Looking back at the peak from Marlette lake.

Out on the Flume.

Looking down at Sand harbor.

JF through the slot looking SW

Brad, Shannon & Gary enjoying the view.

Last look before the final DH.  Squaw Valley in the background.

Thanks for looking,
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 OMG that is gorgeous!
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That was supposed to be 7-10-09 in the title.
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hey, a shout out...

one of the better flume tr's I've seen
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Its that beautiful in pics, I can only imagine how much better it is in person!  Nice
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Beautiful pics.  My wife and I were in Tahoe this weekend and had a great time.  Unfortunately did not have a lot of time so did not get to do as much as we wanted.  I read about the Flume trail but it sounded over our heads and the pictures confirm that thought.  I look forward to going back again and trying some more hiking and biking.
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Glad you had a good time Pwdrhnd (John).  It takes more than a few days to enjoy all that Tahoe has to offer.  I came here for a couple of months a long time ago & stayed for 20+ years.  I still come back whenever I can.

The Flume part of the trail is actually pretty easy, it's just a bit exposed, & hard to keep your eyes on the trail .


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