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With the recent push, when I click on the subject in one of my subscribed threads in the home page, I am not being taken to the next unread post.  At first I thought this was only a problem in Chrome, because I started using that around the same time as the new software came out, but it's also a problem in Firefox.  I have to go looking around for the next post to read.  This time it went to the top of the page.  Then it transpired that, in spite of the fact that it thought I had two unread posts, I had in fact read both of them yesterday in a different browser. 

I've also noticed that if I in fact have a post in the thread that I have not read, it's much lower down the post than where I am being brought to.  Normally the post right in front of me I've read.  This just started recently.

Further update...this seems to mainly happen in threads with pictures in them...I think.

By the way, I "reported" this post and asked for it to be moved to the bug report thread, but it's still sitting here for some reason.  Can someone move it?

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