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Originally Posted by krp8128 View Post

Wrong thread, right forum and site.

This thread was started by RTTP to discuss his specific pair of skis. I'll gladly discuss construction techniques with anyone on this forum, but I don't think this thread is the place to debate construction and design.

Thanks for the answers. I suspected that was what you meant, but it wasn't how it sounded.
I feel like took offense to the fact that RTTP has these skis, and after apologizing he began to dump on custom/indy manufacturers in general. I'm not asking him to stop posting, I'm asking him to take the time to become familer with a company before he starts stating things that could potentially hurt them.

Comments like this, to me, appear unfounded and unnecessary.

Respect is certainly due all around. I think it is risky to make assumptions in any regard.


I can give you a list of people that I have or am working with to design skis, I assure you it is ALL about customer input. To date, I have turned away 3 customers. The first wanted a reverse camber ski that i was not capable of producing at the time, and the last two were interested in investing in the company. I was interested in working with them until they declared their intent on 51% ownership and gaining control.

I'm glad things are going well for you.

If anyone is interested, I started a Custom Ski Construction and Tech discussion to keep this thread heading in it's original direction. The reason this didn't exist already is that no one has asked before.

I'll be there.
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I never said I was or claimed to be a mod, just that I don't think this is the place.

Custom Ski Construction and Tech discussion
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As I hope most of you know there is a pair being built for me this season by Kyle.

Rest assured you will get an accurate review after I have been on them for a few days.
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I have skied indy or new skis (demo days and such) , felt the ski, contrasted it to a Legend Pro or Stockli Stormrider, and worked backwards looking for what and why. Would I love it and head for the steepest chutes I could find? Hasn't happened since I tested the Legend Pro Rider.

I have never posted a name of a manufacturer in an attempt NOT to paint them all with the same brush, as some are very good.

And, it is possible that some of these skis are not good, or worse, just pure crap. And that is headline news and worth talking about if we have nothing better to do.

It is admirable to try to make a superior ski, by hand. It's also extremely challenging. just saying.
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Here's the sort of testing Head does with Bode Miller.  A skier I know tests skis with him.  Bode has worked with many companies and gives more input than just some guy in tights.  This sort of testing is way beyond what a small custom company can do, and it spills over to their retail skis.

"Also staying in the apartments – here in Patsch – is Team America,
Bode’s team, which is always fun to be around because his crew is
comprised of a bunch of great, athletic guys constantly hammering. Not
to mention, the endless entertainment of watching Bode and Robi, his
service man/ ski tuner, come back from the Head factory at 10 o’clock
at night with a dozen of pairs of skis Bode just pressed, which only
gives Robi 8 hours before the skis need to be prepped for their first
day of training and testing. One pair is so stiff it weighs 23 pounds
without bindings and is ¾ of an inch thick in the tip, basically in
weight and stiffness it’s two pairs of his skis glued together.
They’re the most outrageous skis I’ve ever seen. And mind you, this is
only a week away from the opening World Cup at Solden.



I’ve been home for a few days now, but that trip was pretty wild. We
only ended up training three days, but not because of the weather. The
weather was absolutely perfect for our entire stay. For Bode the main
objective was to find or help develop good slalom skis. And after two
days of slalom training he was psyched with two models. The days we
skied slalom we’d drive up the 30 minute access road to arrive half
way up Kauntertal by 6:30 AM in time for a warm up run or two and a
slip run before we dove right into training. I was skiing on four
different pairs of slalom skis taking two runs in the course on each
pair. Bode had 6 different pairs so he only took two runs on a couple
pairs of skis, if any, since he took a few runs on his speed skis
before Rainer and I finished up in the course.

Either way, it was a sick set up. We were lapping around on a snow
mobile and those guys were hammering. There were a few times when I
was getting pulled on a relatively flat section where we were easily
doing high 60s (mph not k’s) the only thing I was thinking was don’t
catch an edge… please, don’t catch an edge. With GS skis it was pretty
moderate, but with slalom skis it was certainly squirrelly.

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Selling a ski would be like presenting your ski to the chief tester at Volkl and hearing his feedback. Are you ready for what he has to say? Would you blow him away with the brilliance of your ski? Or would he make some cryptic remark that sends you back to the drawing board? And if he said is was a crappy ski, would you throw the whole design out and start over?
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Originally Posted by davluri View Post

Selling a ski would be like presenting your ski to the chief tester at Volkl and hearing his feedback. Are you ready for what he has to say? Would you blow him away with the brilliance of your ski? Or would he make some cryptic remark that sends you back to the drawing board? And if he said is was a crappy ski, would you throw the whole design out and start over?

Kyle is selling skis. In limited quantities, made to order and in dialog with each customer. I assume he's doing the best he can and learning all the way. The buyers are taking a chance on him. Their prerogative! WTF is your problem with that? Surely we should encourage this sort of thing, not beat it down with mediaeval protectionist artisan bollocks.
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Kyle is an artist. His chosen vocation, trade, craft, art is one that takes time to develop. Like an artist, he will benefit by protecting his work from public scrutiny until he is ready. In Art we say: don't show until you're ready, as having your work critiqued before you are ready is not beneficial. Having people ski on your skis is very important, but I would keep it all pretty stealth for a while.  I saw the new Mercedes E series model one year. It was all blacked out and unrecognizable as a Mercedes at the time. There were several in the US and Europe, logging 100K miles a year to shake out any bugs. Key was, no one knew what the car was at that stage.

It's funny what you^^^^ said about midieval practices. I always consider my approach to making furniture as totally midieval, or like the craftsmen of the middle ages. One person wears all the caps, takes all the responsibility, gets paid one unit at a time with no securtiy in the future. It's an old business model, say 500 years  past. But it's refreshing to talk to one person who assumes total responsibility and is just chomping to talk to you about your experience, skis, and working in the skiing world.

I don't want to hurt Kyle's business talking crap about small companies. I criticise many skis ruthlessly without considering how my comments are recieved. In this case, it's doesn't work.
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IF someone is making and selling skis to the public, then you may and should question and critique any aspect of that enterprise. If they are not ready to "deal" with the praise, criticism or questions and comments in general, then they should not be selling them. No need to tip toe around this, if you do you are doing them and the skier who might be buying them a disservice.

It has been interesting over the last few year to see the "following" behind some of these small indy operations.

In this case the feedback has been provided by an actual customer, as it should be. We are commenting on that feedback and asking questions that come from that.
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The following  maintains a stealthy identity, shrouded in alias'ssssssszz. They could disclose their affiliations just like the established reps on several sites do. It helps me to know where someone is coming from if they have a clear ski industry bias.

I did catch a little smile at the corner of my mouth when someone making skis was not familiar with some old school terminology. Kind of accentuated how new some of this new stuff is, and how with skis a new start is precisely where other ski makers started some 50 years ago.

Because a person chooses not to be aware of history, does not mean that they are doing something new. hmmmm. 
A general comment on ski related innovations. no offense intended.

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I guess I started that new thread for no reason...

Alias'? Who do you think is an alias, out of curiosity?

From what i read about "wet wrap" construction, this is not what I am doing, nor is anyone else that I am familiar with. I'm sorry that I am not familiar with what you are telling me is outdated technology, a technique that likely hasn't been used in a ski produced since i was born.
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Originally Posted by krp8128 View Post

I guess I started that new thread for no reason...


Your link gave an error (twice). That could be why people continued here. If RTTT pm's a moderator, I'm sure they'd be willing to move the posts to a specific topic.
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Originally Posted by Frederik View Post

Your link gave an error (twice). That could be why people continued here. If RTTT pm's a moderator, I'm sure they'd be willing to move the posts to a specific topic.

Thanks for letting me know (again). I checked the link when I edited my post, both of them worked, not sure what is going on...

Plus I can't edit the posts right now, I click on "Edit", and it just hangs there trying to load, so

Custom Ski Construction and Tech discussion

That works right now, if it stops later here is the addy it it pointing too

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The skis made an appearance yesterday at Loon, got a few final runs in on them. Ended up racing in the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge finals with them under my feet, and somehow got them to turn on my terms. Took 3rd place with them, and got asked a hell of a lot of questions about them. I was approached in the lift lines, after my race run, during the awards, and in the parking lot about the skis. I had numerous amounts of kids my age and younger ask me what the hell they were and who built them, and a dozens of parents and coaches asking the same. Got a lot of comments on them saying that they look wonderful, one guy saying just saying to me "beautiful job on the skis dude". Took them up to the stage with me during the awards so everyone could see em ;).

There was one incident where I didn't even have the skis in my hands or in my car when I was moving my car to the loading area, and some guy approached me (recognized me by face) after I parked and asked me about the skis.

All I have to say is, I wish I had a damn business card to give people. Kyle would be flooded with emails if I did. There is always next year though...
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Congrats on the podium! Congrats to Kyle as well.
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Thanks for the update!!

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Saw Kyle a couple weeks back to pick up a pair of sweeet skis that my friend ordered, and got to see the EpicSki pair. Both looked fantastic. My friend can't wait to get on them out at Big Sky and Bridger Bowl, the skis should be absolutely perfect for him, perfect flex, length, and width. Anybody who skis in the Bozeman area be on the look out for some green/black machines hitting up the bumps.


As for my future with the custom line, I have decided that I very well may get another pair of GS skis for next year, depending on how my current Nordica lineup works for me this year. Last year I felt pretty comfortable on all of my skis EXCEPT the GS skis... hopefully I can figure out what is going on with the skis and I and can get them set for a good season. After going through the design phase and test phase with one pair of customs and finding all of the potential flaws, I feel pretty damn comfortable with ordering another pair or two to try and find something that is truely me.


I'll give another update once my friend gets on his boards and once my season commences...



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It's been a long time since I've given an update here, as I have had a very long season of traveling, school, and successful racing.


Throughout the season I struggled to get my Nordica GS setup fully dialed in. After speed week, I returned to NH for some Macomber cup races at Waterville, a slalom followed by a GS the week after. The slalom didn't go all too well (took a flush to the face from a mythical rut on the WC flat), and ended up doing poorly. The next week I did well in the first run of the GS and had the Nordicas completely dialed in, chasing two old highschool teammates that led the race. On my second run my musical device got loose and ended up getting lodged behind my knee, which was a bit distracting. On the second to last gate I'm not all sure what happened, but I ended up flipping during my transition, and slid quite a ways to the finish. Did a bit of damage to the GS skis, but nothing that couldn't be fixed.


For the next few weekends I played around with both the customs and the Nordicas, and I must say the customs have softened up quite a bit since last year, and are pretty managible with a strong stance. I ended up using them a handful of times at Sunapee in gate training with Colby Sawyer and Cardigan, and they felt pretty good on the fast sections, not so much the steeper and more technical sections where they really took a lot of work to turn.


On Saturday I was over at Mount Snow for a corporate event (MDVC Finals) and decided to take part in the dual GS. On the second run of the day I hit a berm on my Nordica GS skis, and transitioned mid air. Upon landing my left ski pre-released out of the heel, and I went straight into the trees, did a few flips, and landed on my feet after the second flip. I was completely fine, but my skis (and the trees that I hit at 40mph) weren't. Right ski ended up having an edge pulled, and the left ski some major delam right above the bindings. Hopefully they will be taken care of by the factory/warehouse later. Ended up doing my race run on the customs, and pulled a first place finish with a good second or so between second place and I. After that I did a few more runs on the customs, and they were really easy to ski on, even in the soft snow. I thought they'd be really hard to bend with nothing to really push back on them, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe the warm weather softened them up a bit.


At the end of the day I spent a good amount of time just walking around with the skis and hanging out with friends at the base, and again got quite a few people asking about them.


Will be working on new graphics for the next pair and material layout over the next month or two. I will get back to here later on when I get news on them or have a nice picture to show.



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