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are my new lange WC 120 boots too loose?

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i have been riding my sollies xwave 8 (26.5) for about 5-6 seasons and have just picked up a cheap pair of lange about 1/2 size larger (size 9)

i've heard many good things about lange and figured i'll give it a try given the price.. so far i've noticed that the shell is quite a bit harder vs the salomon and i seem to have a lot more wiggle room for the toes up front. So question is if these will pack out a lot too like my old sollies or is that the proper fit? should i even bother taking it to a boot fitter?? or just return and get another salomon a 1/2 size smaller?
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" a lot of wiggle room "  is NOT what you should be feeling in a brand new boot. You are almost definitely in a shell that is at least one size too big, I'd return them and see a fitter before buying your next pair... that way you'll get something that fits correctly.

   Think of how much you will spend on lift tickets over the next 5 to 6 seasons (how much did you 'save' on your boots?), imagine having more fun on those days... see a pro and get the RIGHT pair of boots for YOU. It's worth it in the long run.
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^^^^^^^ +1

wot he said
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Listen to Whiteroom.
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Subtle hint.... Read Post #2.

It may seem like piling on.  But we keep saying it over and over again on this website.

Also, see this Wiki and evaluate the boots you currently have.  It might just help you with your decision.  We have a bunch of info in the Wikis.
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i feel like my heels are still locked in but the wiggle room is at the toes. It's a different feel than the solomons in that the lange allows me to flex my toes up and down where in my salomons my toes are locked down. I normall don't ski with the 2 front buckles strapped b/c it cuts off my circulation anyhow.

regardless, i'll try some lange in the local store when winter rolls around and hopefully they have a better idea if these boots can be kept. helluva deal tho. :)
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Just some food for thought- and this is probably the exception rather than the rule.  I am in the Lange WC 160 (92 mm last)-- my feet are about 27+ or so standing and my shell is 25.5 (BSL 293 I think).  I was quite concerned about the amount of toe room when trying them on in the shop (toes lightly touching when standing but not flexing, lot of up and down toe room).  Even posted here about the concern.  Rest of the boot fit well- vice like to start on loosest buckles and loosest microadjuster.  Fitter I was working with said no worries-- that the WC had a lot of toe room- and he didn't like the fit of the 24.5 cuff on my leg, etc. (and would have required MEGA work for the top of the instep area) He said the boot would be great for the type of skiing I would be doing (level 8+/- - steeps and bumps).  After working through some pressure/nerve points early season boots were great all day ever day.  After 40 days last year-- still no movement AT ALL in heel or forefoot- still quite snug on loosest buckle (I have microadjusted them tighter a bit as I worked them in- and even spent a run or two on cold days on the second buckle rung).    I have not felt that the toe wiggle room has affected boot performance or response at all-- at least not for the type of skiing I do.

I too assumed toe wiggle room was a huge No no-- but, at least in my case, with my boot, for my skiing, it was not.
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