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Not sure where to post this, but it looks to me like they should have fixed this guy's guitar..
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I saw in the paper today that this video has gotten a huge amount of hits.  Now United is falling all over itself to make him happy, even saying that they will use the video in customer service training.
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 Ha, I just came here to post this video of the CNN coverage after posting it on facebook.

I guess United found out there really is such a thing as bad publicity.

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Was on Good Morning America today.  They said United is now working with the man to resolve the issue (repair or replace the guitar).  Some guitars are worth tens of thousands of dollars to certain collectors.  I've known folks that buy a seat on the plane for their guitar/banjo/whatever.. 
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There's another song in the works.  The theme of this one will be influenced by the outcome of renewed discussions with the airline...
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 When I heard the story on NPR, they reported that United had decided to do the right thing now that we could all see how they were.
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