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Balance drills

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From the artist formerly known as "Wacko".

Do you guys all agree that balance training is important? If so, who's got some drills to practice over the summer?

I posted this here because I thought it fits well with the technique aspect of skiing. And, I want to be sure that we get advice from the instructors here.

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Get yourself a large excersize ball, get on top of it with your knees and balance there, once you have mastered just staying atop it try moving slightly side to side. I have gotten up to 15min when I was practicing this.
Other off season ideas are bongo boards, and skier edge something a rather, i have played with a bongo board, they work pretty well but never messed with the Edge maching.
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I've been using the inside ski lift as a drill. timberline at Hood is still going strong. Early morn is good, then gets slushy. Boy does THAT make you work! ANyway, with the ski lift drill it fells very solid on the outside ski when I do it right. Then when I make turns normally I feel more solid and I find that the slush or crud doesn't even bother me then. I used to avoid a turn in that stuff and go straight until I found a smoother area. Now it doesn't bother me at all. Still gotta lay off the French fries though! Doing better at that lately.
Used my wife's boots Sunday. 1/2 size bigger. It's amazing how one can ski when you can feel your feet, ergo balance!

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>(And a disclaimer: do these things only at your own risk--some of them can hurt....)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yeah. I remember "bus surfing" as a kid when the driver unexpectedly hit the brakes. Did a pretty good simulation of the "hit the back of the mogul double heal release plant the nose between the tips" move.

One more hurrah at Mt. Bachelor over Memorial Day and then we're down to Mt. Hood for the summer.
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I'm still waiting for someone to tell me to, "go stand on your head".
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