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Mother & Young Daughter Combo lesson?

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Here's the deal. My five year old is having a little separation anxiety and won't go to ski school alone (or if she does, she won't participate). It's not that she isn't ready for skiing, she's just stubborn. I've been debating getting a private lesson for the five year old and her mother (who is a newbie as well). Any advice on whether mother daughter combo lessons are good, or should I just wait until the five year old is ready to go it alone. I realize the ultimate answer is that it depends on the kid, but I'm just curious if there's any experience out there with a similar combo.

(Just FYI, as a swimming instructor for young kids, I would probably recommend against the above approach as I think the kid always does better on their own).

Thanks in advance.
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I teach full time and have an eight year old daughter. I have taught a mother daughter combo lesson in just the scenario that you described. It only served to calm the child a bit and break the ice if you will.

In my opinion five is often too young and I think your experience bears this out. Have you tried ski school? You say she would not participate. Could she go with a friend or have you tried to buddy her up with another child her age?

My step brother teaches at Vail and has been doing it much longer than I. He makes a great argument that kids do best in ski school as opposed to private lessons. I now tend to agree.

Good Luck!
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My own daughter at five was not ready. I had a "cling thing" with a lock on my leg before she met a kid from her school and went off to play in the snow.

Having mom there will not necessarily make things better. About the only thing that has a reasonable success rate is a Ski-Wee program and they don't actually spend a lot of ski time in many cases. They play animal games and have fun...... little kid stuff. The magic carpet is a big help for the little ones etc.

Be VERY careful that you don't push too hard or it can backfire. With my son I waited till he was seven and daughter eight to resume. At that point they were the ones asking to go.
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If the child is "ready" for skiing but just clingy, I would try a private with the daughter alone. Get a good instructor that works well with kids and leave! Let the kid cry a little then take her out. Be sensitive and no admonishing the child. Just start doing some fun things. I find one of the hardest things is the initial seperation. For the parent more often than the child. The fact that they come running every time the child whimpers often reinforces the behavior. I had one recently that wouldn't let go of mom. I sat with the daugher for a few minutes. took off my helmet and glasses and sat on the floor with her. we talked, looked at other kids skiing and told her mom to leave, get some water for her daughter or something (don't remember what) and told her we would see her in an hour. As soon as mom and dad were out of sight, all smiles and let's go!

Play it by ear. but be sensitive to the child too. If the child socializes well in other venues like daycare, etc, put them in a school of kids. if they are an only child not in day care or school, a private might be in order but I say no to parent/child pairings (in general)

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I agree with yuki. I waited till my daughter was seven and begged me to ski. I made a deal with her. I would decide what days would work based on good weather. I put her in ski school and have avoided doing any teaching. After ten or so days in ski school she has had a few privates with young female instructors that I knew would be good role models. She is almost nine now and a really good skier. Skis in the J6 race program although I think she has about decided to merely free ski with friends and skip the "race scene"
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