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Why I Changed My Signature

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First reason: I didn't realize signatures had ever disappeared. And given my shaky memory skills, I can't really remember what my old signature was. Oh, sure, it was witty, biting, pithy. One of those little nuggets of wisdom that makes you think, "hmm,  really makes you think." Sure, I could search for it in some way, but perhaps it's time to move on.


That is, if by moving on, you mean quoting a song I've been listening to on and off since the late '70s. Because, fellow bored-out-of-your-skulls Epic readers, "Complete Control" from the Clash's debut album is still running through my head after all these years.

It is, quite simply, the best song ever recorded (to say "Complete Control" is the best song ever written might be stretching things a bit, as I'm not sure the Clash bothered to write the words or music down). "Complete Control" rules. I will broach no dissent on this. This is my post.


One of the many haunting moments on the track (and by "haunting" I mean, "really cool if you're stoned") comes at the end, when Mick Jones adds backing vocals: "Control. See you're iii-iin, control," or so I thought until very recently. Hell, I've only been listening to this tune for like 30 years, not like I bothered to check the lyrics or anything.


So today I learns that Jones was really singing: "Control. Freedom iii-iis, control." Wow. OK, he wasn't talking about skiing or anything. But still. It's kind of, like, haunting. Or something.

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Good one, mr. Prickly. I don't remember mine either....I'll try to.
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Nobody, yours was something like "fun isn't a straight line"
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Hmmmmm, seems that it would have been a good idea to post favourite forum signatures somewhere, eh?
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Someday I'd like to make a signature using an image with my name written in the snow 
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

Someday I'd like to make a signature using an image with my name written in the snow 
With your yellow pen ?
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